One long-time supporter of the Spears Srl Southwest Tour Series is about to reach a major milestone next weekend at The New Stockton 99 Speedway. It is a milestone that only one other driver in series history has achieved. On the sixth of June, the “Bacon Boy”, Jacob Gomes Fan Pagewill welcome Scott Sanchez to the exclusive 100 start club. A testament to his longevity, is the fact that Sanchez is the only regular competitor to have participated in the inaugural 2001 SRL Wildwest Late Model Shootout season. In season 20, we honor that long-time dedication from the low-budget racer.

“I have the utmost respect for Scott, and what he’s accomplished in our series over the last 100 starts”, the Spears Southwest Tour’s Brian Olsen commented. “This is an expensive sport, and to keep the wheels turning for that many races, with limited resources, is remarkable. Scott races in the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series, because of the comraderies and relationships that he’s developed over the years. We’ve prided ourselves on creating the atmosphere in the pits, one in which the race teams look forward to seeing each other, race in and race out. I think Scott is part of that culture, as he’s been around since the beginning. I’d like to thank him for his commitment to the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series over the last 100 races, and hopefully he’s got 100 more in him.”

For “The Chez”, he has now appeared at the last 31 events in a row. That is also second to only Jacob Gomes. The current streak has made his ascension to 100 starts approach somewhat quickly, but quietly for the former Livermore resident. It is an achievement that he feels good about, as a long-time series supporter.

“Reaching 100 starts is definitely a cool milestone”, Sanchez told the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series. “It’s not really something you think about year to year, and then suddenly here it is. I’ve just been really fortunate to race in the tour all these years.”

Sanchez made nine starts in the series first season in 2001. He managed to score two top-10 finishes that year, after participating in two Shell Tri-Track Challenge Series events the year prior. That season set the table for what was to come 20 years later, unbeknownst to the then rookie driver.

“When I made my first start in 2001, I never had any idea I’d still be doing it 20 years later”, Sanchez recalled. “I just love these cars both driving and working on them. I guess the challenge week in week out keeps the fire lit.”

Over the years, “The Chez” has had many memorable moments. He still holds the record for most positions improved in a race, driving from 29th starting to finish fourth in the Canidae Classic at Irwindale Speedway in 2011. He scored a career best three top-10’s in 2014, including a fifth-place finish at the LVMS Bullring and Dirt Track. In 2016, he served on the crew for Derek Thorn’s SRL Championship winning effort with Campbell Motorsports. He also has two top-10 championship efforts in the series. But looking back, it is hard for Sanchez to chose only one moment as his most memorable.

“After making 100 starts, I’m not sure I’d want to single out a certain moment or race run.”

Sanchez made the move to Bakersfield, CA a few years ago, but he still considers Livermore to be his hometown. With start #100 at Stockton 99 Speedway, he is excited to be near home, at a familiar track. He has 13 career SRL starts at the venerable facility, that is rich with history. His best finish was seventh during the 2012 season, but he also came home eighth in 2015. He will be looking for the possibility of a top-five in the JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. Wild West Shootout – Shoot to Thrill 127 – presented 51 FIFTY LTM.” at a facility at which he has friends and family.

“To make my 100th start at Stockton will be great, because it is close to my hometown” Sanchez described. “It will be special to be able share that milestone with my friends and family. Stockton can be a wild card race sometimes, so maybe I can get up front and make #100 count.”

Scott knows it takes a lot of help, for him to be able achieve this milestone. He has had many friends, fans and supporters over the years who have made his racing dream possible. In 20 years with the SRL, the list in lengthy, but each and every one was important.

“Making this many starts just doesn’t happen”, Sanchez began. “There are so many people that have helped me over the past 20 years. Early on it was Troy Ermish, Eric Holmes, Allen Beebe and Kenneth Boyd. More recently Ken Morgan, HUR Engines (Shawn Ferriter and Frank Marciel) and Quentin Bammer. Nowadays team 24 couldn’t do it without help from Brad Peters, Derek Thorn, Brady Melo, Thomas Gibson & Missy Gibson (GIBSON CRANE), Mike Keen, Byron Campbell, and mi hermano HOMIE (David Mulcahy) and Retro Custom Metals.”

“Of course, a special thank you to Michele Burrowand my parents for all the support over the years”, Sanchez concluded.

One of those special sponsors and friends is one of Sanchez’s most recent supporters. David Nava Mulcahy “Homie” has been a big supporter of the SRL and driver Keith Spangler for many years. As Homie attended the series events, he became friends with Sanchez and their friendship grew to his involvement with the team.

“To be honest, it has been about the friendship between him and I, and having a good time racing the past five years”, Mulcahy stated. “Scott works hard to get from race to race, with limited funds and help. I Respect that! I’m a big supporter of those that come from nothing and make something of themselves. O-da-lay (right on) Scott, congrats on your 100th start!”

The “JM ENVIRONMENTAL, INC. “Wild West Shootout – Shoot to Thrill 127” presented by 51 FIFTY LTM” will pay $5,000-to-win, thanks to the winner’s bonus by Senneker Performance. The Fast Time Qualifier will receive $500 and the leader at the halfway break with take home an extra $1,000. A full field of 24 is expected to take the green for the third event of the season.