SLM Entries for the All-Star Showdown

SLM Entries for the All-Star Showdown

SPEARS Southwest Tour Series  

Pre-Entries for the All-Star Showdown – February 5, 2022


  1. 4 Dylan Lupton, Elk Grove, CA – Lupton Excavation
  2. 08 Jace Hansen, Greely, CO – NAPA Cheyenne, Buckeye Welding Supply
  3. 10 Owen Riddle, Naches, WA – Don Riddle Excavating, Dukes Equipment
  4. 11A Dustin Ash, Las Vegas, NV – SPS, Sigma Engineering Solutions
  5. 11H Austin Herzog, Clovis, CA – Rowe Environmental, Richard Herzog Construction*
  6. 14C Chris Clyne, Las Vegas, NV – StarNursery, Thomson Motorsports
  7. 14D Chris Davidson, Taylor Lake Village, TX – Davidson Electric, Mike Garvey Racing
  8. 15 Jordon Riddick, New Albany, IN – Collins Motor Sports*
  9. 16 Jacob Gomes, Manteca, CA – Sunnyvalley Smoked Meats, Dell’Osso Family Farms
  10. 18 Eddie Vecchiarelli, Brighton, CO – Generator Source 
  11. 22A Andy Allen, Garden Grove, CA – RJ Allen, Inc.
  12. 22S Buddy Shepherd, Bakersfield, CA – Marin Auto Color, Doby Hagar Trucking
  13. 23 Dan Holtz, Pacific Palisades, CA – Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center, Concrete Motorsports
  14. 24D Cody Dempster, Parker, CO – Liberty Puzzles, All Temperatures Controlled*
  15. 24S Scott Sanchez, Bakersfield, CA – Salted Metals, Gibson Crane
  16. 27M John Moore, Granite Bay, CA – JM Environmental Inc., Berco Redwood
  17. 27R Kole Raz, Lake Oswego, OR – The Master Wrench, Wells Johnson
  18. 33 Cale Kanke, Frazier Park, CA – Allie Bakes
  19. 42 Mark Neff, Berthoud, CO – NAPA of Cheyenne, Hanger 1*
  20. 43 Derek Thorn, Bakersfield, CA – PepperJack Kennels, Powergrade, Inc.
  21. 44 Jeremy Doss, Upper Lake, CA – Alliance Rental Solutions, Shell Roofing Solutions
  22. 48 Preston Peltier, Brighton, CO – Generator Source



  1. 50 Trevor Huddleston, Agoura Hills, CA – High Point Racing, Racecar Factory
  2. 51 Jake Finch, Lynn Haven, FL – Phoenix Construction
  3. 57 Zach Telford, Middleton, ID – James Hardie, HIXCO Industries*
  4. 61 Dennis Rock, Henderson, NV – Kyle Keller Racing, Derek Thorn Racing
  5. 65 Tyler Tanner, Mooresville, NC – 9D Creative
  6. 66L Logan Bearden, Leander, TX – Parker Electric, Bearden Automotive
  7. 66B Jeff Bischofberger, Tracy, CA – JRC Real Estate Invest., FOGLINE Ind., JD Motorsports
  8. 79 Barrett Polhemus, Wimberley, TX – Wilson Motorsports, VanDoorn Racing Development*
  9. 80 Andre Prescott, Mesa, AZ – Prescott Sports Therapy, Burgeson’s A/C
  10. 90 Trevor Cristiani, Boise, ID – Steelhead Metal Corp., RMK Apparel
  11. 93 Austin Thom, Dundee, OR – Sherwin-Williams, Finish Line Industries*
  12. 98 Riley Herbst, Las Vegas, NV – TBA
  13. 98 Blaine Rocha, Oakdale, CA – MASROC Farms, Masellis Drilling

*  SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Rookie

DUPLICATE CAR NUMBERS – Cars running the same number are required to display a minimum four-inch first letter of the drivers last name, low and behind the car number on each side.  If the last names are the same first letter, we will use the first letter of the first name on one car.

This policy for duplicate numbers helps our staff when communicating about a specific car either on track, in a safety situation or in tech inspection.  We don’t mean for it to be an inconvenience for the teams, but we can’t risk a miscommunication that may lead to an issue that could affect a team in a negative way.

Thank you for racing with the SRL.