Bakersfield, CA – The 2013 SRL Legends Tour championship season will consist of eleven race dates, at six racetracks, in three different states.  A new twist to the 2013 championship will be that a driver’s best eight finishes, of the eleven scheduled events, will determine the final championship standings for 2013.


The SRL Legends Tour will visit two new venues in 2013, with the addition of Rocky Mountain Raceways in West Valley City, UT and the new Kern County Raceway Park in Bakersfield.


The SRL Legends Tour will accompany the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series to nine events in 2013, and will travel to two events without the Tour cars.


“This is the fourth season for the SRL Legends Tour and it’s been nothing but positive over the past three seasons,” stated the SRL’s Larry Collins.  “With the help of Chris Carli at ‘Legends of the Pacific’ and the staff at The Bullring, we saw big Legend car counts at each race last year, which is great for the race tracks and their fans.  With the addition of the new SRL S2 Series, we now have a very systematic progression from Legends on up to our Tour cars.”


The SPEARS Southwest Tour Series, SRL S2 Tour Series and the SRL Legends Series will all start their respective 2013 seasons at Madera Speedway on Saturday, March 16th.  Following the season opener at Madera, the Legends will go to Stockton 99 on April 6th, The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on May 10th and 11th, return to Madera Speedway on June 29th, then travel to Rocky Mountain Raceways on July 20th, back to Stockton on August 17th, Kern County Raceway Park on September 7th, Madera once again on September 21st, All-American Speedway on October 12th and the season finale on November 16th at The Bullring.