Stockton 99 Asparagus Cup – Updates and Helpful Information: 

Stockton 99 Asparagus Cup – Updates and Helpful Information: 

Asparagus Cup – Updates and Helpful Information: 

March 4, 2021


  1. RACE PROCEDURES and RULES – The race procedures and rules will follow the 2021 SPEARS SRL Pro Late Model Series Rule Book and Procedures. These are listed on the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series website:


            Rules –

            Race Procedures –


  1. PARKING – To accommodate any special parking requests, the SRL will set up a parking map for the weekend. Each team will be pre-assigned to a specific pit spot.  If you have any special parking requests, contact Ricky Brooks at


  1. FRIDAY TECH ASSIGNED TIMES – To reduce tech issues on race day, there will be tech appointments at designated assigned times for each race team on Friday. We will forward to the time assignments to the teams. Please be on time as that is the only way this program works.


  1. FUEL – The track will have the SRL Spec Fuels, SUNOCO 110 and SUNOCO E85 in stock, but supplies may be limited.


  1. TIRES – Tires must be purchased from Stockton Speedway; you may purchase and pick up your race tires in advance. Teams will qualify, run the heat race, LCQ and main event on the same four tires. FLATS MUST BE INSPECTED and APPROVED BY AN OFFICIAL BEFORE TIRE IS TOUCHED BY A CREW MEMBER UNLESS IT’S ON THE RIM – AN UNAPPROVED TIRE CHANGE WILL RESULT IN A 2 LAP PENALTY PER TIRE.


  1. PRE-HEAT RACE TECH – At 2:15pm sharp, all cars are to be on the ground ready to roll to Tech Inspection. Please wait until you are directed to proceed to the tech line in the specific qualifying order.  You will have two attempts to pass tech before you are under penalty.


  1. IMPOUND – All cars finishing in the Top 4 of their heat will be impounded immediately after the heat races. Once all cars are impounded after all heat races, and the SRL official will give the signal, a maximum four (4) team members will have 10 minutes to fuel and make chassis adjustments. The Top (4) from the LCQ will go directly to the designated impound area.





  1. HALF-WAY FUEL BREAK – There will be a break at or around the half-way point of the race for FUEL ONLY and giving the driver a water bottle.
    1. The cars will be stopped on the Front Straight-away for fueling ONLY.
    2. No chassis adjustments, No tire adjustments, No repairs.
    3. Two crew members allowed to go to the car to fuel and man a MANDATORY fire extinguisher.
    4. You can drive to pit lane for any additional service after the break rolls off the front-straight but will restart at the tail of the field.


  1. SPOTTERS – Spotters will be located at the top of the main grandstand for all races. You must report to the SRL Spotter Official or your car will not be allowed to start the race.  MANDATORY: All spotters must be able to scan race control at 460.0125.


  1. NO GOLF CARTS, SCOOTER, QUADS – No golf carts, quads, bicycles or any type of motorized scooter, etc allowed on the raceway grounds. THE INJURED OR HANDICAPPED MAY BE ALLOWED SINGLE PERSON SCOOTERS – MUST GET APPROVAL FROM RICKY BROOKS.


  1. NATIONALLY TELEVISED – The race will be livestreamed on SPEARSRacing.TV and will be nationally televised at a later date on MAVTV.





Thank you for being part of the SPEARS SRL Pro Late Model Series.