UPDATES and REMINDERS:  Kern County Raceway “8th Annual Winter Showdown”

UPDATES and REMINDERS:  Kern County Raceway “8th Annual Winter Showdown”

UPDATES and REMINDERS:  Kern County Raceway “8th Annual Winter Showdown”


  1. PIT PASSES PRICING: Two Day: $80, Friday Only: $50, Saturday Only: $50


  1. PARKING: Every team will have a pre-assigned parking spot for the weekend. If you have a special request or you need to unhook from your trailer during the race weekend, please let us know no later than Monday of race week. Contact Ricky Brooks at rickybrooks5@aol.com or at 850-324-6821.


  • $10,000 to Win – 135 lap event.
  • Four tire race.
  • Break at lap 80 for fuel and adjustments.


  1. TIRES: Hoosier 3035 lefts and F50 rights. Contact Hoosier Tire West to pre-order your sizes 559-485-4612.  We will qualify on stickers.
  2. BREAK – At the lap 80 break, teams will have 7-minutes to make adjustments and fuel the car. Car may only be jacked up one side at a time (jack stand mandatory if anyone goes under the car), tires may not be removed – unless an SRL Official is asked and is present, and team must have a manned fire extinguisher while fueling the car.  Maximum 5 crew members to service the car.


  1. FRIDAY TECH PRE-ASSIGNED TIME:All cars will undergo inspection by assigned appointments on Friday, maximum four crew members plus the driver with the car in tech inspection. 
  2. FUEL – SUNOCO 110 is the spec fuel for the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series. Contact the track if you plan to buy fuel during the race weekend so they can insure proper inventory at lcollins@mesamarin.com.  Fuel tests will take place during the race weekend – it is your responsibility to ensure your fuel is pure to series standards.


  1. LEAD INSPECTION: Lead Inspection will be part of post-race tech. If a piece of lead is not properly painted white with car number in red or black marked on all sides the team will receive a $1500.00 fine on 1st offense, with an automatic disqualification on the 2nd offense. Any lost weight will now result in a $25.00 per pound fine to the team. Let’s ensure the safety of our drivers and others.


  1. SPOTTER’S RADIO: Each spotter must have a scanner, or a separate radio that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0125. No longer may you use a radio that scans Race Control secondary. This is not a recommendation, it is mandatory.


  1. PRIVATE TESTING: There is no restriction on testing prior to the Winter Showdown. Contact Kern County Raceway to reserve your time at 661-835-1264, or reply to this email.


  1. MUFFLERS – A muffler must be used and installed in a configuration that will suppress exhaust noise to a maximum 99DBA at 100 feet.


  1. TAPE: No TAPE is allowed except for the brake ducts and HALF the grill screen (Always enforce). May be adjusted after qualifying.


  1. RESTRICTORS: All Super Late Models will be considered unrestricted, unless you declare before qualifying that you will run restrictors the entire event.


  1. SUITES and TRACKSIDE RV: VIP Suites, Trackside RV & Tail Gate Spots are Available for the Weekend. Reservations Required – Contact KCRP at 661-835-1264


  1. 2022 TOP 10 DRIVERS: The 2022 Top 10 drivers will be recognized and presented their trophies during the pre-race festivities at the Winter Showdown. After polling the top 10, there was not a consensus on the best plan for the Championship Awards presentations.  In 2023, we will reserve a venue and get back to our traditional style of banquet.


  1. SCHEDULE UPDATE: The Potential Race Dates of March 2nd and November 11th that were listed on the original 2023 Schedule of Events will not be part of the 2023 season.