Updates & Helpful Information:  Davidson Electric 125 at Mobile International Speedway

Updates & Helpful Information:  Davidson Electric 125 at Mobile International Speedway

Updates & Helpful Information:  Davidson Electric 125

All competition will be held in accordance with the SRL NATIONAL 2022 Rules & Procedures


  1. PRIZE MONEY CHECKS: All prize money will be paid out after the race at the SRL Trailer.


  1. IMPORTANT – CREDENTIALS: All SRL Super Late Model Competitors, Crew Members, Family Members, Friends, Associates, etc. MUST purchase Pit Passes at the SRL Credential table or window. 


  • Friday – $15
  • Saturday – $30
  • 2-Day – $45


  1. PARKING: Every team will have a pre-assigned parking spot for the weekend. Please contact Ricky Brooks at rickybrooks5@aol.com or at 850-324-6821 and let him know if you have a special parking requests, such as teammates, etc.


  1. FUEL: Any approved 110 branded fuel allowed – no additives. If you need to get fuel at the track, it must be pre-ordered by Thursday, August 25th -To order call John Thompson at (251) 767-5454


  1. PRE-TECH: All cars at the track on Friday will undergo inspection by assigned appointment times; maximum four crew members, plus the driver with the car in tech inspection. Please stay back away from the car during inspection to allow officials room to conduct inspection. This is a convenience for the teams. Please be on time or the system doesn’t work, and a penalty may be issued.


  1. TIRE POLICY: American Racer AR153 – Each team will be able to purchase four (4) practice tires and six (6) race tires for the event. Mobile International Speedway will sell all tires for the event. No new tires will be allowed to be brought into the track by the teams.  Tire selection is based on order of entries received. ‘Practice Tire’ selection will begin once the pit gates open on Friday.  ‘Race Tire’ selection will take place on Saturday. All (6) six race tires will remain in impound. Qualifying Tires will be released after final practice.


  1. RACE FORMAT: 125 laps, six-tire race with ‘Controlled Pit Stops’ and a ‘Competition Yellow’ after 40 consecutive green flag laps – not in affect with 15 or less laps remaining.


  1. SPOTTERS: Spotters must be utilized at all times your car is on track. The spotter must monitor race control with a scanner or stand-alone radio at 2000.


  1. WINDSHIELD DECAL: All teams will be required to display the SRL National decal at the top of the windshield.


  1. PRIVATE TESTING: There will be no private testing for Super Late Model teams at MIS after August 28th.


  1. MAVTV: The Davidson Electric 125 presented by Earnest Performance will be nationally televised on MAVTV.


  1. PIT PARTY: Following Friday night’s practice, race teams are invited to the Pit Party Barbecue thanks to Smith Scrap & Salvage.


  1. PIT PAY: For registration: http://help.pitpay.com



Home2 Suites

5460 Inn Rd.  

Mobile, AL 36619


Rate:                      $134

Group Name:     SRL National




Hampton Inn Mobile 1-10

5478 Inn Rd.  

Mobile, AL 36619


Rate:                      $119

Group Name:     SRL National




For more information, please go to the event page at; www.srlsouthwesttour.com.


Thank you for racing with the SRL National …Where the Champions Race.