Winter Showdown Updates and Helpful Information:  January 11, 2019

Winter Showdown Updates and Helpful Information:  January 11, 2019

Winter Showdown Updates and Helpful Information: 

January 11, 2019


The following is to help you be better informed for the upcoming Winter Showdown at Kern County Raceway.


OPEN TEST DAY:Please respond to this email if you plan to be part of the ‘Open Test Day’ on Sunday, January 20th (Day after banquet).  $250 per car, Gates at 8am, First Practice 10am. 

Note: This Open Test Day doescount towards the Winter Showdown Super Late Model limit of two test days between January 1 and January 30th. Kern County Raceway is open most days for track rental, contact the track office to reserve your time at 661-835-1264.


QUALIFYING DRAW & BBQ:Following Tech and Practice on Thursday, January 31st, there will be a Team BBQ (free to the teams)and the draw for Winter Showdown qualifying order, all drivers must be present to draw.




  1. THURSDAY TECH – All cars will undergo inspection Thursday in assigned order, the Top Five from the 2018 SPEARS Southwest Tour Series will be first, then the order will be based on order of entries received. 3 hour practice will follow once all cars are inspected.


  1. TECH ISSUES – Tech issues discovered on Thursday that are not fixed to satisfaction by 12:30pm on Friday, or if a car makes more than two attempts to pass pre-qualifying tech, it will result in the slower of two qualifying laps.


  1. QUALIFYING TECH – Pre-qualifying tech opens at 3:45pm on Friday; all cars are required to be on the ground ready to roll to tech at 3:45pm sharp. An official will direct your team into qualifying tech line in order. Cars will be impounded after qualifying. Cars will be placed in starting order once qualifying is complete and the cars will remain in impound overnight until Saturday race time.





  1. FUEL – SUNOCO 110 is the spec fuel of the Winter Showdown and will be available at the event. $525 w/drum, or $10/gal.  To insure you have your needed supply, reserve a drum by replying to this email.  Fuel tests will take place during the race weekend – it is your responsibility to insure your fuel is pure SUNOCO Standard 110.
  2. TIRES – The Winter Showdown 300 will be a 12-tire race.Original entry stated 14.


  1. PIT PARKING – If your team has any special parking requests, please let us know right away.


  1. MUFFLERS – A muffler must be usedand installed in a configuration that will suppress exhaust noise to a maximum of 99db’s at 100 feet.


  1. TRANSPONDERS – All Transponders must be mounted 160” inches (front of nose to the center of transponder) from front of the nose and on outside of right-side frame rail.

Transponders are mandatory for all practice sessions.  Transponders are available at the SRL Tech Trailer, $35/weekend.


  1. ENTRY – Pre-entry dead line is January 23rd.


  1. DUPLICATE CAR NUMBERS – Cars running the same number is allowed, but each car will be required to display a four-inch first letter of the drivers last name low and behind the car number on each side.


  1. REQUIRED DECALS – To be eligible for any cash awards, the Spears Manufacturing windshield decal must be in place, plus the Coors Light/21 Means 21 decal, SUNOCO Fuel and Hoosier Tire. Other decals may be introduced at the event.


  1. PIT AREA – Parts of the pit area has slope to it, so we recommend you bring at least four-inch blocks to set your scales on to level them up. Wheel chocks are also advised.


  • Minors release form mandatory for anyone under the age of 18 in the infield pit area.
  • No minimum age limit in the infield pit area. An adult must accompany minors at all times.
  • No golf carts,quads, bicycles or any type of motorized scooter, etc allowed on the raceway grounds – includes pits, parking lots and RV areas.
  • Spotters in specified location at all times car is on track, monitoring race control with a scanner or stand alone radio at 0125.


  • 3-Day Pass: Thursday – Saturday $100     
  • 2-Day Pass: Friday – Saturday $ 80   
  • Thursday Only                         $ 40
  • Friday Only                         $ 40   
  • Saturday Only             $ 40