1. Controlled Pit Stops will be utilized at the Winter Showdown, where no car will lose positions in regards to other cars that pit under the same caution period, and teams will have at least four laps to service their car during a caution period, unless declared a ‘Quickie Yellow’, which will be when a simple caution occurs.


  1. Only the first two caution laps (on the leader) will be counted during each caution period. During the time the caution laps are no longer counting, and once the “Pits are Open” is when you can enter pit lane and conduct your “Controlled Pit Stop”, where you will have up to four laps to service your car, fuel, tires, etc., without losing positions in relation to other cars that pit under the same caution period.


  1. If you enter pit lane before the “Pits are Open”, you will restart at the tail of the longest line.


  1. If a green flag run goes 50 laps without a caution, a ‘Competition Caution’ will be utilized within the next 15 laps.  For example, if there is a caution at lap 22 and the green is displayed again on lap 30, if no caution falls prior to lap 80, a ‘Competition Caution’ will be displayed between lap 80 and lap 95.


  1. During the race you will be allowed a total of ‘TBA’ sticker tires to change anytime during the race that must be your approved race tires that remain impounded until race time.


  1. The pits are “closed” once the yellow flag is displayed, until designated as open.


  1. Stop ‘n’ Go Sign at the end of the pit road must be observed; those disobeying will be placed at tail of longest line at a minimum. Pit lane speed will be enforce.


  1. CARS ENTERING HAULER PARKING AREA WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REJOIN RACE.  If you need to work on your car, it needs to happen on pit road.


  1. Pit Boxes will be assigned based on qualifying results, 1 to 36.


  1. Must stay behind Pace Car at all times, even while on Pit Lane, do not move ahead of Pace Car.


More details will be presented at the event,

Thank you for being part of the Winter Showdown.