Dear Winter Showdown Teams,


Here are a few quick items of note for the race weekend:



  1. TIRES FOR RACE – With the development of the “New Hoosier F55” for the Winter Showdown, it may be a consideration to allow an extra set of right side tires in your pit at the start of the race. So you would start the race on four (4) stickers, and would be allowed to have two (2) lefts side stickers, and four (4) right side stickers in your pit to use during the race.


The current plan was four (4) tires to start on, and four (4) to change during the race.


We were planning to wait until later next week, after we all had a better idea on tire wear with the new F55 before making any decision, but if you would prefer us to make a decision now, rather than later next week, please let us know.



  1. FIRE EXTINQUISHER – With the refueling of the cars on hot pit lane during the race, we are required that all teams have a minimum 10 pound fire extinguisher in their pit and readily available during the race.



  1. ACCESS TO GRANDSTAND – Due to the high volume of spectator tickets being sold for this year’s Winter Showdown, Pit Passes will not allow access into the spectator grandstand area during the event. An admission ticket will be required.


Spotter’s Badges will be provided to access the grandstand tower for each race.


  1. FUEL – To insure adequate inventory at the event, please let us know if you would like to reserve a drum of SUNOCO 110 for the weekend. $515 plus $25 drum deposit, tax already included.


Thank you.