Overview:  Competition Half-Time Break at/or around lap 75 for fuel and adjustments.  Once the yellow is out for the break, stay on the track until the Pace Truck stops the field single file along the bottom of the racetrack.  Once all cars are stopped, and all crews reach their cars, a signal will be given when work may begin, at which time the 7-minute clock will start.


  1. Track Mandated Fire Extinguisher – Each team must have a manned, minimum 5-pound (preferably 10 pound) fire extinguisher at their car. If not manned during refueling, penalty may be assessed. As competitors, we must always take the possibility of a fire very seriously, let’s be pro-active rather than reactive.


  1. Once all the cars are stopped – and the signal is giving by Race Control, a maximum of four (4) crewmembers will be allowed to work on their car.


Fuel may be added – tires remain on the car (unless approval by an SRL Official). Hood and deck lid may be removed and adjustments may be made. Note: the burn-off for overall weight will be based on 75 laps.



  1. Tires – there will be no approved tire changes immediately after the break, air pressure may be adjusted during the break.


  1. After the 7-minute break, if the Pace Truck makes one full lap and passes your car before you roll-off, you will be required to re-start at the rear of the field. Unless, you have made a race official aware that your car won’t start, in which case your car may be pushed to re-start, and you will get your position back.


Please let us know if you have any questions.


We appreciate your support of this race and the series.