Half-time Break Procedure at KERN

Half-time Break Procedure at KERN


Overview: Competition Half-Time Break at lap 75. Once the yellow is out for the break, stay on the track behind the Pace Car until the Pace Car brings the field onto hot pit lane. Once all cars are stopped in running order, and Officials give the ok to go to your car, the 8-minute clock will begin. Crews do not go to your car until given the ok to do so.



  1. CARS STOP ON PIT LANE IN RUNNING ORDER: Do not stop at your pit box, cars will stop single file (3 – 5 feet apart), in the running order when the yellow came out. DO NOT STOP AT YOUR PIT BOX.



  1. Once all the cars are stopped, and the officials have given the directive to approach the cars – teams may; add fuel, make basic adjustments, minor body repairs, adjust tape, clean windshield, adjust tire pressure, remove the hood and deck lid, jack the car up – jack stands are mandatory.



  1. Tires – You cannot remove a tire during the break, unless an SRL Official gives you the ok, and is present. This is a four-tire race; the only way a tire can be changed during this event without penalty, is with prior approval from an SRL Official due to the tire being flat or has severe wheel damage. See “Approved Tire Change” in the 2016 Rule Book for details.



  1. Mandated Fire Extinguisher – Each team must have a manned, minimum 5-pound (preferably 10 pound) fire extinguisher at their car if you elect to fuel the car during the half-time break. If not manned during refueling, penalty may be assessed. As competitors, we must always take the possibility of a fire very seriously, let’s be pro-active rather than reactive.



  1. After the break, if the Pace Car makes one full lap before you re-enter the track, you will re-start at the rear of the field. Unless, you have made a race official aware that your car won’t start at the end of the break, in which case your car may be pushed to re-start, and you will get your position back.


  1. There will be a ‘Lucky Dog” awarded at the break.