AFTER QUALIFYING ON SATURDAY: After your qualifying run, cars will be impounded at a diagonal, behind the SRL team haulers.  Stay with your car, as once SRL qualifying is complete, we will move the cars to the front straight-away for the Autograph Session. Cars will be parked single file in qualifying results order, along the front straight-away.


At the Autograph Session teams may hand out candy to the kids, and the ‘Top 8’ qualifiers will re-draw to set the starting lineup for Sunday. Please remain in your Driver’s Suit for the autograph session.


Once the Autograph Session ends, and when directed, the cars will return to the pit area, parked in order of Sunday’s starting line-up, where they will remain until Sunday morning. From the time the cars qualify, to the start of the race on Sunday, the cars are considered impounded.


We appreciate the extra effort of the teams, as it will allows the series and teams to be highlighted on Saturday night.


OWNER’S MEETING SUNDAY: There will be an SRL Team Owners Meeting at 10:45am on Sunday morning, at the Driver’s Meeting area. Owners, Drivers and Crew Chiefs welcome.  It is not mandatory to attend, but encouraged as we will discuss 2019.




SUNDAY MORNING: The cars will remain covered and may not be approached by the teams until after the SRL Driver/Crew Chief/Spotters Meeting is over and SRL Officials approve to do so.  Once the cars are uncovered, they will be moved to Hot Pit Lane and positioned single file in starting order, generators will be allowed. There is also an Autograph Session on Sunday, at approximately 12:45pm, SRL drivers can meet the fans along the front straight K-rail, and kids will again be Trick or Treating.


FUEL:  An extra order of SUNOCO 110 was brought in this week, so there will be plenty of inventory for the weekend.


WHEELS:To allow Hoosier a head start on mounting tires on Saturday, we plan to allow teams to bring their wheels to Hoosier as early as 9am Saturday morning.  Do not enter the pits, wait at the tunnel and we will get with the tunnel guard to allow you to come in and drop your wheels, then return outside the tunnel.  If you need a way to transport your wheels into the pits, we will help you out.  Rigs are not scheduled to enter until 10:00am (rig driver only), team members enter at 10:30am.


The SPEARS Southwest Tour Series is on its way to exceed its largest average car count in the past 10 seasons, thank you for making that happen.