Race Procedures: Century Motorsports & Marine 122

Race Procedures: Century Motorsports & Marine 122

Race Procedures: Century Motorsports & Marine 122


Initial Start:

  1. Double file, once the Starter shows the ‘one to go’ signal, no scrubbing of tires, cars need to position nose-to-tail.
  2. The front row must maintain “pace car” speed until they accelerate at the drop of the green flag.
  3. No passing allowed until S/F line – You may not pull out of line until the S/F line.



  1. All restarts will be double file.
  2. All cars one or more laps down restart behind lead lap cars. Cars deemed by officials as involved in the yellow flag incident will restart at the tail of the field.
  3. When the double up sign or directive is given, the leader will choose to start inside or outside. Everyone else will double up, odd positions on the inside, even positions on the outside.
  4. The leader of the race must accelerate to re-start the race within the designated re-start area – when the leader goes, the green is waved at the race resumes.
  5. No passing allowed until S/F line – You may not pull out of line until the S/F line.
  6. If a car re-enters the track before the restart after pitting, it will restart at the tail of the field.


Yellow Flag:

  1. Yellow Flag laps do not count.
  2. All event scoring goes back to the previously completed green flag lap. Once the yellow comes out, all competitors should place themselves in a single file line. Do not pass any cars under yellow unless directed by the officials. Cars deemed by officials as involved in the yellow flag situation must go to the tail of the field. Track or series officials will move your car to its proper position if you are out of line, please do as they ask.
  3. Your restart position will be the position you were on the last completed green flag lap before the caution. If you are involved in the incident that caused the caution, you will start at the rear of the field.
  4. Officials reserve the right to utilize the yellow to check cars that are suspect and are being considered for a black flag (leaks, smoke, sparks, etc.). After they are checked, if okay – they keep their position.
  5. In an event where yellow flag laps have to be counted (due to a lengthy race), the lap count will be frozen with 5 laps to go if the race is currently under yellow in an attempt to have a green flag finish.
  6. If a driver does anything to intentionally cause a yellow, it’s a minimum two-lap penalty.


Red Flag:

  1. Stop single file in a safe manner – if a car does not re-start on it’s own, it may be pushed started and maintain position.
  2. WORK may be done on cars during red flag condition in pit area – authorized by race control.  
  3. Positions will revert back to the previous completed green lap. Those deemed part of the occurrence that caused the red flag or cars that pit will be positioned at the rear of the field.


Final Lap Rule:

  1. Once the white flag has been displayed to the leader, the next lap will be the checkered. If there is an incident on the last lap, and if the yellow is displayed on the last lap – cautiously race back to the finish, but be aware there is an on track incident, finish order is scored at the line.
  2. If the red is displayed on the last lap, stop; there will be a restart with a green/white/checker finish– three attempts.


Free Pass Award:

  1. The first car a lap down will be instructed to join the field at the back, and gain back 1 lap. Any car causing a yellow will not be the recipient of the “Free Pass”.
  2. The “Free Pass” car needs to drop back to the rear of the field as soon as they are notified that they are the “Free Pass”.




  1. If contact with a car causes a yellow flag, all cars involved will be sent to the tail of the field. It will be up to the discretion of the Series Race Director as to the penalties for any incidents where contact is made between racing vehicles causing a yellow flag. If a car comes to a complete stop in order to avoid contact with a vehicle involved in a spin or wreck, and has no contact, that car will not be considered “involved” and get its spot in the lineup back. Rough driving will not be tolerated.
  2. Any competitor having contact with the race leader, resulting in the leader spinning and or being eliminated from competition will be penalized.