Special Awards within the 3rd Annual Winter Showdown

Special Awards within the 3rd Annual Winter Showdown

 Coors Light/Speed51.com Bonus – Each driver that makes the 36 car starting field for the Winter Showdown may receive a minimum payout of $3,000, thanks to the Coors Light / Speed51.com bonus. To be eligible, each car will be required to display a Coors Light decal, or 21 Means 21, on the lower part of the hood and the lower quarter panel areas.


Bobby Durrett Fast Time Award – The driver that sets Fast Time on Friday night of the 2017 Winter Showdown will take home the prestigious Bobby Durrett Fast Time Trophy and $2,000. This award was introduced in 2016 and Derek Thorn was the first recipient.


Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse Hard Charger Award – This is a new award for 2017. The driver that advances the most positions from their starting spot in the Third Annual Winter Showdown, will receive $1,000 bonus courtesy of Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse (Colton – San Dimas).


W.A.R. Shocks & Suspension Lucky 13 Award – Another new award for 2017, as the driver who qualifies in the 13th position in Friday’s Winter Showdown Qualifying will win this award. Courtesy of W.A.R. Shocks & Suspension and Penske Shocks, the 13th place qualifier will receive a set of Penske 7300 shocks (valued at $1,900).


Rockwell Time Fast 12 Winner – The winner of the “Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse Fast 12” will receive a Rockwell Time watch for the accomplishments. In addition to winning this beautiful timepiece, the winning driver will also start from the pole for the “SPEARS Manufacturing Winter Showdown 250”.


BrakeOMeter® Qualifying Race Awards and the Tough BrakeOMeter® Award –The two drivers that win their “Race For Autism Qualifying Races” on Friday night at the 2017 Winter Showdown will each receive one BrakeOMeter® Complete S16 Kit (valued at $475). Also, the driver that is deemed with toughest luck during the 2017 Winter Showdown weekend will receive the Tough BrakeOMeter® Award and will also receive a BrakeOMeter® Complete S16 Kit for his misfortunes.