Irwindale Speedway Race Date: April 30th




Friday, April 29th: SPEARS Southwest Tour Series -1pm

Saturday, April 30th: SPEARS Southwest Tour Teams w/ Credentials -10am



Friday Pit Passes: SRL Members $35 / Non-members $40 (No Car Fee)

Saturday Pit Passes: SRL Members $35 / Non-members $40


IMPORTANT NOTE: All SRL teams, family members and associates will need to be sure to sign in at the SRL window at registration. All SRL teams must have SRL issued Pit Passes.


PARKING: The Top 12 cars in the 2016 championship standings will park in the first 12 parking spots. Defending series champion will park in spot #1.


This does not mean that the Top 12 enters the pits first – the order to enter the pits is first in line, first to enter.


REAR SPOILER: Be sure the split in the center of your rear spoiler is wide (1/2” to 5/8”) enough to accommodate the wooden center template.


SAFETY TECH: All new cars will require a safety check before going on track.



PLEASE NOTIFY the series if your car requires engine tech.


PRE-TECH FRIDAY: All cars will be required to roll through tech inspection on Friday. Tech will be open from 2pm – 5:30pm and 6:15pm – 7pm.


TRANSPONDERS: Required on the all cars on track on both Friday and Saturday.


CANNOT LEAVE THE TRACK UNDER GREEN: You are not allowed to leave the track under green at any time during practice, qualifying or the race at Irwindale Speedway. Pull onto Turn 4 of the 1/3-mile in a safe location, wait until the track is under yellow, and then exit as directed.


QUALIFYING TIRES: Your Qualifying/Race Tires will be released following the final Saturday SPEARS Southwest Tour Series practice session.


PRE-QUALIFYING TECH: The Series policy is that at the time Pre-Qualifying Tech officially opens all cars are required to be on the ground and ready to roll to tech. Please wait until you are directed to proceed in order to Pre-Qualifying Tech Line. You will have two opportunities to pass tech, before you are under penalty of slowest of two laps in qualifying.


IMPOUND: All cars will be impounded after qualifying. You may check pressures, stagger (no jacks) and remove tape – please remove radios, water bottles, etc.


AUTOGRAPH SESSION: The mandatory autograph session is on track from 5:45pm to 6:30pm. Following the autograph session the cars will be moved into the starting order for the main event in a determined impound location.


FUEL CELL BLADDER: The manufactures date on your fuel cell bladder must be within 7 years and will be checked at your first, second or third race (your choice) of 2016 – unless you already have an SRL seal and a current accepted date on record. Please ask if you’re unsure if your date is recorded or valid.


IMPORTANT – Please have two bolts drilled to accommodate a wire seal on your fuel cell “Fill Plate”, so an SRL Official can install an “SRL Wire Seal”.


FUEL: “SUNOCO 110 Standard” is the spec fuel for the series; it is each team’s responsibility to have their own supply.


SCANNING REQUIRED: It is mandatory that each spotter has a radio (or scanner) that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0125


OVERNIGHT RIG PARKING: Irwindale Speedway has agreed to allow our rigs to stay on their property overnight Saturday after the race.





If you have any questions – please let us know.


Thank you for Being Part of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.

Each Race is the Foundation of the Strength of the Series.