Kern County Raceway – “Bulwark FR/Timberland Pro 150 presented by 51FIFTY Energy Drink”



Friday – Pit Gates 2:00pm, Tech Opens at 3pm, Three practice sessions, at 4:30pm, 5:50pm & 7:30pm


Saturday – Pit Gates 11am, Chapel 12:30pm, Driver/Crew Chief Meeting 12:45pm, One (1) hour practice session starting at 1:30pm. Qualifying Tech Opens at 3:30pm, Qualifying 5pm, Autograph Session at 6:00pm.



Friday: $200 per car (no pit pass fee) Everyone must sign in at registration.

Saturday: $35 per SRL member pit pass / $45 non-member.

Note: Saturday pit passes may be purchased on Friday at Registration.


FRIDAY INSPECTION: All cars will be required to roll through the scales by 7:30pm on Friday. Tech will be open from 3:00pm – 7:30pm. Undercar Inspections will take place before and in between practice sessions.


ENGINE TECH: All cars without an approved engine and carburetor seal in place will be required to have an engine and carburetor inspection before competing. Engine needs to be cold.


PLEASE NOTIFY the series if your car requires engine tech, get with an official right away on Friday if you need an engine inspection.


QUALIFYING TIRES: Qualifying/Race Tires will be released to you following the Saturday SPEARS Southwest Tour Series practice session at 2:30pm. Same four tires used for all 150 laps.


PRE-QUALIFYING TECH: The Series policy is that at the time Pre-Qualifying Tech officially opens (3:30pm) all cars are required to be on the ground and ready to roll to tech. Please wait until you are directed to proceed in order to Pre-Qualifying Tech Line. You will have two opportunities to pass tech, before you are under penalty of slowest of two laps in qualifying. Generators will only be allowed before qualifying.


IMPOUND: All cars will be impounded after qualifying; only 1 person may check pressures, stagger (no jacks) and remove tape – top cars will be teched. Cars will then be moved to the 6:00pm autograph session, then return to impound after the autograph session. No generators will be allowed after qualifying or while cars are in impound period.


HALFWAY BREAK: At lap 75, the caution will wave for an 8-minute halfway break. Teams may add fuel and make basic adjustments. You may jack the car, and remove the hood – must use jack stands. Each team must have a manned, minimum 5-pound (preferably 10 pound) fire extinguisher at their car while adding fuel.


TIRES: Hoosier F45 on the left, and F55 on the right for Kern County Raceway. Call Hoosier Tire West to pre-order your tires prior to each race at 559-485-4612.


FUEL: “SUNOCO 110 Standard” is available at the track. $515 per drum includes tax. A $25 drum deposit or an empty drum is also required. May also be dispensed into your own jug.


SOUND LIMITS: The DB rule of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series is maximum 95dba at 100 feet at all tracks, unless the track requirements are under 95dba.


TRANSPONDERS: It is required that each car has a transponder in place while on track throughout the weekend.


SCANNING REQUIRED: It is mandatory that each spotter has a radio (or scanner) that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0125


LICENSE: See the below link for all necessary 2017 forms:





  • Minors release form mandatory for anyone under the age of 18 in the infield pit area. No minimum age limit.
  • The maximum speed limit is 5 MPH at all times in the pit area.
  • No private vehicles in pit area.
  • No riding on skateboards, roller skates/blades, golf carts, motorized scooters, bicycles or quads.
  • For additional info go to kernraceway.com


PARKING: The Top 12 cars from the 2017 championship standings will park in the first parking spots. This does not mean that the Top 12 enters the pits first – the order to enter the pits is first in line, first to enter.




If you have any questions – please let us know.

Thank you for Being Part of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.