1. DUPLICATE CAR NUMBERS MUST ADD LETTER: Duplicate car numbers are allowed for the Winter Showdown, but each car with a duplicate number in the field will be required to display a minimum five inch high first initial of the driver’s last name behind the car number on each side.


  1. NO RIGS LEFT IN PIT AREA AFTER TUESDAY: All team rigs must be loaded and leave the pit area after Tuesday. All teams will re-enter the pits together no earlier than Thursday evening, or Friday morning.


  1. FUEL and NITROGEN: The track’s vender will have the event’s spec fuel, SUNOCO Standard 110 at $10.50 and nitrogen bottles available race week. If you would like to pre-order, call or text Toby Daves at 661-330-3345.


  1. RECOMMENDED AIR PRESSURE: Hoosiers HIGHLY recommended minimum air pressures: 20lbs left / 30lbs right.


  1. THURSDAY NIGHT KICK-OFF PARTY: The Winter Showdown week will begin with a Kick-off Party on Thursday evening, February 25th starting at 5pm.   Race teams and fans will be invited to the area’s newest brewery, TEMBLOR Brewing Company at 3200 Buck Owens Boulevard in Bakersfield. Race teams can pre-buy pit passes for the weekend and will display their rigs at the party.


  1. IMPORTANT PIT AREA POLICIES: The track has reconfigured the infield pit area to allow enough room for all the teams. Upon doing so, two very important policies are now in place:


  • Pit Area Speed Limit is 5 MPH at all times.
  • No one is allowed to walk or stand within 30 ft. of any k-rail along the front straightaway from Turn 4 to Turn 1.
  • Standing on trailers is only allowed if there is a safety rail around the observation deck.
  • Simple rules – let’s work together.



  1. PLATES FOR JACK STANDS: We will be parking the rigs on the ¼ mile, and the track management has asked for our teams to use plates under your jack stands to insure no damage to the track surface.


  1. TOP of WINDSHIELD: The top of the windshield will be reserved for a SPEARS Manufacturing decal. Other contingency decals may be designated for the race.


  1. PRACTICE DAYS: Please notify Kern County Raceway if you plan to be part of their practice on Monday or Tuesday of race week at 661-835-1264. The staff of Kern County Raceway Park is hosting the practice.


  1. CARB STUD: All carburetors will be sealed; teams must have the two right side carburetor studs drilled to accommodate a 1/16 cable seal.


  1. RIG PARKING: It is very important that parking is smooth and organized. On Thursday evening after the Kick Off Party at TEMBLOR all the rigs at TEMBLOR will leave at the same time to go out to Kern County Raceway. The rigs will be staged, and then brought in the proper order. Race officials will be on hand to direct parking. All Winter Showdown team rigs will enter the pits through the Turn 3 track entrance. Rigs will also be parked Friday morning. Nothing is to be unloaded until given the ok to do so.


  1. RIGS MUST STAY: All team rigs that are in the pit area on Sunday will have to wait until the final race ends to pull out of the pit area. If a rig wants to pull out Sunday morning, it must be removed by 8:15am.


  1. HALF–WAY BREAK: The Half-Way Break procedures will be handed out on race weekend. Four tires and Fuel.


  1. RPM LIMITS: Correct RPM Limit Settings are mandatory at all times during the Winter Showdown, including all practice sessions.


  1. TRANSPONDERS: Transponder must be mounted 24 inches (center of axle tube to the center of transponder) behind the rear axle housing on outside of right side frame rail. Transponders are mandatory for all practice sessions.


  1. SPOTTERS: All spotters will be required to scan race control for the weekend at 460.0125. Spotters are mandatory at all times and must check in with an official at a designated location for each practice session.