UPDATES and REMINDERS: June 19, 2013

UPDATES and REMINDERS: June 19, 2013






TEAM BBQ: After practice on Friday, 51 FIFTY Energy Drink will host a BBQ and Qualifying Draw for all SPEARS Southwest Tour Series, SRL S2 Tour Series and SRL Legends Series Teams – Everyone is welcome.  Please RSVP for your team.


FUEL: It is each team’s responsibility to have your own supply of “SUNOCO 110 Standard” at each race.  You can call Madera Speedway to pre-order your fuel, and they will have it at the track waiting for you – call 209 356-1968 or 209 769-9581.


MADERA PIT POLICY: Children a minimum of 40 inches in height are allowed in the pit area, must be accompanied by an adult at all times


SOUND LIMITS: The DB rule of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series is maximum 95dba at 100 feet at all tracks, unless the track requirements are under 95dba.  Please do your work in the shop.  (Note; it is extremely frustrating to deal with cars that are excessively loud, as it is a tremendous waste of time and energy for all who are involved and can put the host race track in a poor position within its community.)


DRIVER PROFILE: Please check your ‘Driver Profile’ on the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series website to be sure your information is up to date.


CONTINGENCY AWARDS: As you know we have one of the most successful contingency award programs in tour car racing.  We appreciate both the companies that offer the awards to our teams, and you the race teams for displaying those companies’ decals on your racecars.

If your team receives a contingency award following an event, it is of the utmost importance that your team redeems those certificates, as this shows that the award is appreciated and the company that offers the award will likely continue their support of our series and teams.

Please make the effort to redeem your contingency awards, but if you have contingency award certificates that you don’t plan to use, please return to the series and we will distribute the award to someone who can use it.


TESTING: There will be no private testing allowed at Rocky Mountain Raceway or Pikes Peak International Raceway.  Also, there is no additional private testing on the same day of a sanctioned SPEARS Southwest Tour Series ‘Practice Day’ on race weekends.


FISHING TOURNAMENTS:  There will be two SRL/Berkley Fishing Tournaments in 2013 for SRL team members, the first being on Friday, July 19th in the Salt Lake area, the second being on Friday, September 27th in the Colorado Springs area.



Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
2290 Marketplace Dr.
Madera, CA  93637
$84 Room Rate
Ask for the special rate for the SRL Group Rate – includes Hot Breakfast Bar
Cutoff Date – This FRIDAY, June 21, 2013



If you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out to us.