Winter Showdown Tire Procedures

Winter Showdown Tire Procedures

Tire Procedures:


The ‘Winter Showdown Tire’ is exclusively available through Hoosier Tire West 559-485-4612


  1. Hoosier Tire West will accept pre-orders for sizing from all competitors, pre-ordered by Wednesday, February 17.
  2. Pre-ordered tires will be stacked, marked and waiting for each team at HOOSIER TIRE COMPOUND at the racetrack on race week, practice tires may be drop shipped.
  3. Tires will be mounted on a first come first serve basis.
  4. It’s a (3) set race: Set (1) for qualifying and qualifying heats on Saturday. Set (2) to start the Winter Showdown 250, Set (3) to put on at half way.
  5. There is no limit on practice tires.
  6. There will be a sufficient inventory on the Hoosier truck at the track in addition to the pre-ordered tires.
  7. Tires may be purged within HOOSIER TIRE COMPOUND; bottles must be turned upright, no bottles lying down.  No small hand held tanks.  Only nitrogen or compressed air allowed.
  8. Qualifying and Race Tires: Qualifying and Race tires are not allowed to leave the HOOSIER TIRE COMPOUND until released by SRL official.
  9. All tires not being tended to must be stacked four high while in the COMPOUND.
  10. Mandatory: Car number and “L” or “R” must be displayed on each wheel.
  11. All teams will receive two mounted sets of practice tires before any additional tires are mounted on Friday.
  12. Qualifying tires will be mounted no sooner than 5:30pm on Friday.
  13. It is the team’s responsibility that race officials have properly marked their race tires, before the tires leave the compound.
  14. Qualifying tires will be released at a designated time. These tires will be used for qualifying and for the “The Qualifying Heats” on Saturday.
  15. Tires used for the start of the Showdown 250 will be released just before Showdown tech inspection on race day.
  16. Tires designated as the “Change Set” for the half way break, will be released just before race time.
  17. Officials must approve tires used for Sunday’s LCQ.
  18. Hoosiers recommended air pressures: 20lbs left / 30lbs. right
  19. Tires can only be changed during the race if it is flat and pre-approved by an official. Unapproved tire change is a two-lap penalty per tire.
  20. REPEAT: Tires designated for competition, must be properly marked and cannot be removed from the HOOSIER TIRE COMPOUND until released by an SRL official.


Failure to follow these Tire Procedures will result in tires being confiscated and not returned, or immediate disqualification from the event.

Hoosier Tire West at 559-485-4612 is the exclusive tire dealer for the 2016 Winter Showdown. 2.17