Winter Showdown Updates and Helpful Information: February 5, 2016

Winter Showdown Updates and Helpful Information: February 5, 2016



The following is to better inform you for the Second Annual Winter Showdown.


If you have any questions regarding rules, tech or procedures for this event, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly – understanding the procedures and the rules of the Winter Showdown is the responsibility of each team.


Helpful Items: The following are only highlighted; the complete Winter Showdown rules are in full force. See the complete Winter Showdown rules at:




  1. All cars will undergo inspection on Friday (2/25) in assigned order. All engines and carburetors will be inspected, as well as bodies, safety, under car and other items. Any infractions must be immediately fixed and cleared by returning to the tech line once all cars have been through the line at least once. All cars must go through technical inspection prior to taking to the track for Friday practice.


  1. Both right side carburetor studs must be drilled to accommodate a 1/16-cable seal.


  1. Tech issues discovered on Friday that are not fixed to satisfaction by pre-qualifying tech, or if a car makes more than two attempts to pass pre-qualifying tech, it will result in the slower of two qualifying laps.


  1. Pre-qualifying tech opens at 2pm on Saturday; all cars are required to be on the ground ready to roll to tech at 2pm sharp. An official will direct your team into the qualifying tech line in order. Cars will be impounded after qualifying. The cars will remain in impound until your Qualifying Heat.


  1. See Attached Tech Inspection Procedures.





  1. Bodies must meet both SPEARS Southwest Tour Series and ‘ABC’ standards – please study these rules in their entirety so you are well-prepared for inspection. In the event of a conflict between the body rules of this 2016 Spears Southwest Tour Series rulebook and the ABC rulebook, the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series rulebook will prevail over the ABC book.


  1. Templates, referee, quarter panel height gauge, and other inspection tools will be used on the bodies. Templates used include, but not limited to: fender, center nose, horseshoe, overall, center, the side-to-side rear roof template – which is set on the roof at the top of the rear window, etc..


  1. Rocker panels must be produced by Five Star or AR for ABC Bodies used in stock dimensions, single plane with no contour.


  1. The rocker panel in front of the right rear tire may only be pulled out a max. (½) inch outside the crown of the tire. The right front fender and the right side quarter panel behind the tire, may only be pulled-in a max.(2) inches measured at the crown.


  1. No B-Pillar deflector allowed.


  1. Nose measurement – A minimum measurement of 20 inches is required from the point where the hood and nose intersect, measured to the bottom of the nose (not the wear strip). The grill and its openings must remain as produced. Also, at all times, the ABC “A” measurement must maintain a min. length of 11.5 inches, may include wear strip.


  1. When trimming the nose flap, the cut that forms the front of the wheel opening must be 90 degrees to the ground. (See example in attached photo)


  1. 79 ½ maximum body width at any point (top of fenders, bottom of nose, rocker to rocker, etc.)


  1. No trimming the rear bumper cover, including the bottom lip.


  1. Quarter panel height is measured at the base of the spoiler. Quarter panels will measure 33 1⁄2 to 34 1⁄2” left side and 34 1⁄2 to 35 1⁄2” right side.


  1. Vent window deflector must be to ABC specifications.


  1. Do not bow or contour body panels in any way. (Such as: Quarter panel behind rear tire or doors cannot be contoured inward must be shaped as manufactured.)


  1. No holes or gaps in body or windows for the purpose of exhausting air.


  1. ABC cowl only.


  • The Cowl air intake opening in the ABC Cowl Panel must be 2 1⁄2 inches by 20 inches to allow fresh air to the carburetor. Windshield may not be cut in anyway from manufacturer.




  1. Fuel tests will take place during the race weekend – it is your responsibility to insure your fuel is pure SUNOCO Standard 110. You can request to have your fuel tested by a race official at anytime. SUNOCO 110 will be available at the event for $10.50/gal.


  1. A muffler must be used and installed in a configuration that will suppress exhaust noise to a maximum of 99db’s at 100 feet.


  1. Maximum left side weight rule must be met at all times before and after the race.      For post-race total weight rules, teams may refuel, or officials may utilize “1 lb. per lap” burn-off.


  1. Transponder must be mounted 24 inches (center of axle tube to the center of transponder) behind the rear axle housing on outside of right side frame rail. Transponders are mandatory for all practice sessions. Transponders are available at the SRL Tech Trailer, $35/weekend.


  1. Duplicate Car Numbers – cars running the same number is allowed, but each car will be required to display a four inch first letter of the drivers last name low and behind the car number on each side.


  1. The pit area has slope to it, so we recommend you bring at least four-inch blocks to set your scales on to level them up. Wheel chocks are also advised.


  1. Tires procedures attached.


  • Minors release form mandatory for anyone under the age of 18 in the infield pit area.
  • No minimum age limit in the infield pit area. An adult must accompany minors at all times.
  • No BBQ’s or open flame allowed in Pit Area.
  • No golf carts, quads or any type of motorized scooter, etc allowed on the raceway grounds – includes pits, parking lots and RV areas.
  • Spotters in specified location at all times car is on track, monitoring race control at 0125.


  1. THURSDAY NIGHT KICK-OFF PARTY – The Winter Showdown week will begin with a Kick-off Party on Thursday evening, February 25th starting at 5pm.   Race teams and fans will be invited to the area’s newest brewery, TEMBLOR Brewing Company at 3200 Buck Owens Boulevard in Bakersfield. Race teams can pre-buy pit passes for the weekend and display their rigs at the party.


  1. THURSDAY NIGHT PARKING – After the Winter Showdown Kick Off Party, the race teams will have the option to take their rigs from TEMBLOR straight to Kern County Raceway Park to be officially parked for the weekend. The Winter Showdown officiating team will be at track to get the teams into the proper order and parked in their assigned pit spaces for the weekend.


  • 3-Day Pass: Friday – Sunday $100
  • 2-Day Pass: Saturday – Sunday $  90
  • 2-Day Pass: Friday – Saturday $  80
  • Saturday Only             $  40
  • Sunday Only             $ 55


FINAL NOTE: It is your team’s responsibility to be sure your car meets the rules and specifications set fourth for this event. It is the race officials’ responsibility to enforce the rules, professionally and equitably.


Thank you for choosing to be part of

the Second Annual Winter Showdown.