Cody Ware Makes the Best of Madera Late Model Start

Cody Ware Makes the Best of Madera Late Model Start

Cody Ware, making his first start in a Late model stock car made the best of his dealt hand in the Spears SRL twin 25 lap races held on March 16, 2013 at Madera Speedway. Cody drove the # 77 King Taco PP1M (Performance P-1 Motorsports) Chevrolet.

Cody arrived at the Madera Speedway and after looking the track over said “ Boy this place is tight.”

Cody qualified in the fourth position in the first race and ran with the leaders.  He was making a pass of a slower car on the bottom of the race track when that car turned into him and knocked the front suspension out. He managed to finish the race with a hurt car and was glad that he got his first stock finish in his first outing.

After making needed adjustments during the break, Cody started the second main event a little more confident about his chances of a good finish. As he moved through the field Cody started running with the leaders and was saying how good the car felt. As luck would have it, Cody attempted a pass of the same car with the same results. This time Cody said the car was a “handful to drive.” After the race an inspection revealed a broken lower control arm.

“The kid did a great job” said crew chief Billy Mitchell. “He did all we asked him to do and the feedback on the car was good.”

The Spears SRL S2 Series returns on April 27, 2013 at Irwindale Speedway.