Ignition Box Update

Ignition Box Update

Date:    7/12/21

To:       All Competitors

From:    SPEARS Southwest Tour Series & Southern Super Series

Re:       FAST Ignition Box Discontinuation





Recently we have been informed that FAST has discontinued the mandated 6000-6701 ignition tray that is required to run our series.


After weeks of testing, today we announce the ‘JMS – Daytona Sensors’ part # 6000-6701K will be the approved system for the Southern Super Series and the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.  JMS – Daytona Sensors is in Debary, Florida, their system was designed by the same person that designed the original CRANE/FAST box.  The new Daytona Sensors system comes complete with the ignition box, coil and mounting tray. Without any unforeseen problems JMS – Daytona Sensors will have complete systems available the first week of August.


While other series may allow another manufacturer, the SPEARS Southwest Tour and Southern Super Series will require either the Crane/FAST system or the new Daytona Sensors system only. Please contact the organization that you run for more information.


In summary, this ignition program has been good for our sport and we feel that this will continue the integrity for programs for many years to come.


Best Regards,


Ricky Brooks – SPEARS Southwest Tour Series

Larry Collins – SPEARS Southwest Tour Series

Tim Bryant – Southern Super Series