Important Notice:  TIRES

Important Notice:  TIRES

Important Notice:  TIRES

For the July 17th – Irwindale Speedway Event




NEW TIRE: The SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series will compete at Irwindale Speedway on July 17th using the Hoosier F45 left and the F50 right.


TWO SETS ONLY: Upon arriving at Irwindale Speedway on Friday, July 16th, each team will be allowed to purchase a maximum two new sets of the F45/F50 provided by Hoosier Tire West.  These two sets are the only sets F45/F50 allowed for teams to have in their possession from today until the end of the race weekend, on July 17th. Teams are not allowed to enter the racetrack with any new tires of any type in their possession.


NO TESTING WITH THESE TIRES: There will be no testing anywhere using the F45s or F50’s before the Irwindale race weekend.


REPEAT: No SPEARS Southwest Tour Series race team may have in their possession a set of these tires any time before they pick up their two new sets from Hoosier Tire West at Irwindale Speedway on July 16th.


FINALLY: As we have stated before, there’s a tire shortage and we will make the best of the situation, we are all in this together, so don’t try to circumvent these guidelines.