Bakersfield, CA – The strength of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series begins with the first word in the title of its name “SPEARS”, the reference to the series title sponsor Spears Manufacturing Co.  Spears Manufacturing is the world leader of PVC and CPVC plastic piping products.  For 2014, the series will debut a new logo, which better represents the association between the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series and Spears Manufacturing.


“Spears Manufacturing is an extraordinary sponsor,” stated SRL director Larry Collins.  “Wayne Spears is an extraordinary person, who built an industry leading company out of his own garage.”


Spears Manufacturing Co. has over one million square feet of U.S. manufacturing facilities, and 11 regional warehouses for worldwide distribution.


Wayne Spears, the founder of Spears Manufacturing has been involved in racing as a team owner for over 30 years.  Mr. Spears and his wife Connie fielded a NASCAR Southwest Series team, where they won the 1988 championship with driver Roman Calcynski. They also scored three championships in the K&N West Series in 1991, ‘92 and ‘98 with drivers Bill Sedgwick and Kevin Harvick.  The Spears’ also owned a winning Camping World Truck Series team for 12 seasons from 1995 to 2007.


“Wayne and Connie love the sport, but Wayne expects a return on his investment in the series, and expects high standards and commitment from everyone involved, as he does from his own company.  Wayne has a wealth of experience, in both business and racing, his input and relationship is so important in many ways.” Collins added.


The new logo resembles the Spears Manfacturing company logo, and includes the number 75 car, which was the iconic number of the Spears race teams.


The SPEARS Southwest Tour Series will start it fourteenth season on Saturday, March 15th at Madera Speedway.  For more information, go to