1. NATIONAL COVERAGE – The Winter Showdown will be streamed live on SpearsRacing.TV and will be national televised at a later date on MAVTV.


  1. TESTING – Testing is allowed anytime up to race weekend.
  • Contact the Kern County Raceway to reserve a test day at 661-835-1264, price will be based on the number of teams testing on a given day.
  • On Saturday, March 14th, Kern County Raceway is hosting a race night for their local NASCAR divisions, if more than a few SRL teams are interested, KCRP will build some practice time into the afternoon and evening for the SRL teams, including a final practice under the lights, as the racing should end by 8pm, so the SRL cars could continue practice for another hour and a half after the race ends – $100 per car plus pit passes.
  • On Thursday, March 19th, the track will be hot for practice from 2pm to 7pm, price per car is $300, no pit pass fee.


  • Friday, March 20th – $40/Pit Pass
  • Saturday, March 21st – $40/SRL Members $50/Non-Members
  • Two-day Pit Pass – $80


  1. SPEARS FREQUENT FLYER PROGRAM – To clarify the Spears Frequent Flyer Program; if you raced at Irwindale and the Winter Showdown is your second race in a row, you will receive $1,000 to start, if it’s your third race in a row you will receive $1,400 minimum payout for the event.


  1. 2020 SRL LICENSE – The driver and owner are required to be an SRL License holder. Crew members are optional, but there is typically savings on Pit Pass pricing at the events.


  1. HALFWAY BREAK LAP 100 – Maximum five team members to service the car. Eight (8) tire race. Track Mandated Fire Extinguisher – Each team must have a manned, minimum 5-pound (preferably 10 pound) fire extinguisher at the car ANYTIME you elect to fuel the car during the half-time break. If not manned during refueling, penalty may be assessed.


NOTE:  If there is not a caution before lap 50, the caution flag will be thrown on lap 50.  After the Halfway Break, if there is not a caution before lap 150, the caution flag will be thrown on lap 150.


  1. TIRES – Approved tires will be the Hoosier 3035 on the left side, and Hoosier 3045 on the right side. All tires use for competition must be purchased through Hoosier Tire West at 559-485-4612.  We will qualify on stickers, your change set may be scuffed during a specific time set by the SRL.




  1. FUEL – SUNOCO 110 is the spec fuel of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series and will be available at the event. Reserve a drum at by calling Kern County Raceway at 661-835-  It is each team’s responsibility to have your own fuel supply for the event.  Fuel tests will take place during the race weekend – it is your responsibility to ensure your fuel is pure SUNOCO Standard 110.


  1. MUFFLERS – A muffler (not just an insert) must be used and installed in a configuration that will suppress exhaust noise to a maximum of 99db’s at 100 feet.


  1. DUPLICATE CAR NUMBERS – Cars running the same number is allowed, but each car will be required to display a four-inch first letter of the drivers last name low and behind the car number on each side.


  1. REQUIRED DECALS – To be eligible for any and all cash awards at the event, all contingency decals are required to be in place in proper locations, the Spears Manufacturing windshield decal must also be in place.



Please click on the following link for the 6th Annual Winter Showdown Host Hotels


  • 5 MPH speed limit in pit area.  All personal vehicles will park outside the pit area, in the lot south of turns 1 and 2.
  • Minors release form mandatory for anyone under the age of 18 in the infield pit area.
  • No minimum age limit in the infield pit area.  An adult must accompany minors at all times.
  • No BBQ’s or open flame allowed in Pit Area.
  • Spotters in specified location at all times car is on track, monitoring race control with a scanner or stand-alone radio at 460.0125.
  • No golf carts, quads, bicycles or any type of motorized scooter, etc allowed on the raceway grounds – includes pits, parking lots and RV areas.


Scooters were an issue at Irwindale, moving forward, we will no longer tolerate anyone using these prohibited items – as always, “We will all follow the same rules, people who feel they are special are not exempt from the rules.”


Thank you for choosing to be part of

the Sixth Annual Winter Showdown





The NEXT GEN BODY will be approved for competition starting in 2021.  After a year of on-track testing and competition, assurance that price controls will be in place as long as the body is on the market, and the opportunity for two manufactures of the same body configuration – led the SRL to support this decision.  The SRL is one of five series that make up the national governing committee for the bodies used in competition.  We have worked very hard over the past seven years to try to maintain that Super Late Models throughout the nation compete under a similar rules package, and we strive to continue that continuity into the future.