Raudman & Reed Represent History and the Future

Raudman & Reed Represent History and the Future

BAKERSFIELD, CA October 14, 2015 For the first time in their respective careers, Craig Raudman and Austin Reed will race against each other even though they have have been friends for more than twenty years. The master and the student will square off in the SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour DC’s RV Center “100” Saturday night at the ultra-fast Kern County Raceway Park located outside Bakersfiled, CA.

Mike Joy famously opined that old age and treachery will beat youth and enthusiasm every time. He may be right and then again he said those remarks in a different time and place. For Raudman, he is banking on experience, wisdom, knowledge, and oh yeah, a new power plant under the hood of the famous Southwest Tour deuce.

In Raudman’s last appearance and KCR, he posted a fourth place performance and he knew he was close but needed more horsepower to level the playing field. “This track is bad-ass, but you need power if you are going to win,” Raudman claimed. “If you are not on the gas and up on the wheel you will get passed. The track is so smooth and if you can hit the setup using all the power then you are going to have a really good night. We are going to have a good night.”

Raudman’s history in the Southwest Tour is iconic in that his stats and records are what today’s drivers aim to achieve but he has already climbed the mountain. As he draws upon all those years behind the wheel of Late Model type cars, 22-year old Austin Reed is no stranger to success and brings to the track a diverse racing resume’ that many would envy.

Starting his career in Off-Road Trophy Trucks then moving to the Legends, to Late Models, Super Late Model, and the K&N Pro Series with regular Wednesday night Outlaw Cage Kart races at Millbridge Speedway, Reed has experience beyond his years.

He will need all that experience as the banked half-mile oval of Kern County will test even the most grizzled veteran. Raudman knows Reed has what it takes. “He was the fastest car in both practices at Salt Lake with the SRL,” Raudman offered. “After final tech something happened to the electrical system and the car was done. The car is sorted out and he is bad fast. He is going to be fun to watch, I just hope it is through my rear view mirror.”

Reed will pilot the #14 Approved Memory/Lucas Oil Ford under the watchful eye of John Zaretske, a multi-time champion from the state of Washington. “I am really excited to prove that Salt Lake was not a fluke and that we will be one of the cars to beat on Saturday,” Reed stated. “We tested and the car was a rocket ship so it is going to be a lot of fun racing Craig. I sure my dad will be a mess.”

Both cars will have Dave Reed’s Approved Memory on the hood and Dave’s connection with the Southwest Tour runs deep having won the 2001 championship with Raudman. Their friendship has spanned over thirty years and they have seen a lot of tracks and shared a lot of experiences over the years. Saturday night will be a first as friends are set to race, relive history, and make new memories.

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