REMINDERS: October 23rd, 2019

REMINDERS: October 23rd, 2019

REMINDERS: October 23rd, 2019

Kern County Raceway “October Classic” October 25th & 26th

New information is bold.


DASH: After single car qualifying, the top eight cars will redraw for starting positions for the 8 lap Trophy Dash (immediately after opening ceremonies).  The finishing order of the ‘Dash’ will determine the top eight starting positions of the “Bulwark 100”. 

HEATS:  The cars outside the top eight will be split in to two odd (Heat 1) and even (Heat 2) 8 lap heats.  The finishing order of each heat will determine the balance of the lineup for the “Bulwark 100”. 

With support from AKM Maintenance, the winner of each Heat Race will receive $500, as well as the Trophy Dash winner will take home $500.

There will be a presentation to the Dash and both Heat winners, all three together after the final heat, on the front straight away (not hot pit lane).

NOTE: Cars will return to impound (behind the SRL haulers) after heats and dash. Once all teams are present and the officials give the ok, teams will be allowed 15 minutes to make adjustments and add fuel.   Back up cars may be approved by Series Director after the heats, if an issue occurs that necessitates doing so.

MAIN: 100 laps straight Air pressures set and drivers ready as they roll from the pit area for the main event, cars will stop on the front straight, engines shut off just long enough for the command to be given to fire the engines.


Friday Pit Pass: $40/each.

Saturday Pit Pass: $40 for members and $50 non-members

Two- Day Pit Pass: $80/each


FRIDAY TECH: All cars are required to roll through the scales on Friday at a designated pre-assigned time for each team.

TRICK OR TREAT AUTOGRAPH SESSION:  Reminder to bring candy for the kids for the on-track autograph session.  All cars will be brought to the front straight and remain there until after the National Anthem. Driver introductions will take place on stage during the Autograph Session. Please be in full uniform. The 8 Dash cars will roll from the front straight for their Dash.

THROWBACK PAINT SCHEMES:  In celebration of the October Classic, one of the sport’s most iconic short track races, “Throwback” paint schemes will be part of the race weekend.  You can change your car number to go with the throwback.  Best ‘Throwback Scheme’ will be presented a set of tires courtesy of Hoosier Tire West.


ENGINE TECH: If your engine or carb needs to be inspected and sealed, please respond to this email or contact Ricky Brooks directly at 850-324-6821.

TIRES: 3035’s left side, 3045’s right side. Pre-order from Hoosier Tire West at 559-485-4612. Qualify on stickers – same four tires for dash, heats, & main event.

FUEL: SUNOCO 110 is the Spec Fuel of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series; SUNOCO 110 is available at Kern while inventory last.  If you need fuel, get it early, there is not an endless inventory.

PARKING:  The SPEARS Southwest Tour Series will be parked in similar fashion to how the rigs are parked for the Winter Showdown on the flat close to the front straightaway along hot pit lane.  DO NOT USE PAINT to mark your scales.

NEW POLICY:  You may not drive your car counter on the track prior to taking the green during qualifying – however, you may drive counter if you spin after taking the green, violation will result in the slowest of your two qualifying laps.

MUFFLERS: Series Rules – A muffler (not just an insert) must be used and installed in a configuration that will suppress exhaust noise to a maximum of 99db’s at 100 feet.

IMPOUND: All cars will be impounded after qualifying; only 2 people may check pressures, stagger (no jacks) and remove tape – We will fuel check the top 3 qualifiers, crew members need to be there with tools ready for a fuel check.


DUPLICATE NUMBERS: Cars with “Duplicate Numbers” must run the initial of the driver’s last name behind the number, a minimum five inches in height.


Left Side Weight: Maximum Left Side Weight % must be correct at all times, both pre-race and post-race inspection (without refueling).

Contingency Decals: All SRL contingency sponsors’ decals including SPEARS windshield decal, must be placed on all cars to be eligible for event prize money, points and awards.  The location of these decals will be designated by the SRL. The contingency pack will be supplied by the SRL.


Name on Rocker: The drivers last name must be displayed on both sides along or just above the rocker panel in minimum 5-inch readable letters.  NOTE: Driver’s first and last name is also required above the driver’s side door to allow EMT’s to properly communicate with the driver if needed.


Golf Carts: No golf carts, quads, scooters, etc. allowed in the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series pit area on race weekends. 


Spotter’s Radio: Each spotter must have a scanner, or a separate radio that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0125. No longer may you use a radio that scans Race Control secondary, as it interferes with communication to the spotter, which then leads to directions not being heard.


DETOURS KERN COUNTY RACEWAY:  Be aware, there are two construction projects on Highway 43 both North (Hwy 43 & Stockdale Hwy) and South (Hwy 43 & Taft Hwy) of Kern County Raceway.

FINALY – Crew member uniforms are not mandated, but this is a big event – let’s do our best to represent our team and our series in a professional looking manner.


Courtyard by Marriott

3601 Marriott Drive

Bakersfield, CA  93308

(661) 324-6660

Group Code:  SPEARS Southwest Tour Series 

Group Rate:    $99  


Springhill Suites by Marriott

3801 Marriott Drive

Bakersfield, CA  93308

(661) 377-4000

Group Code:  SPEARS Southwest Tour Series 

Group Rate:    $99


Thank you for racing with the SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series …Where the Champions Race.