Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders (S.E.A.L.) Announcement

Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders (S.E.A.L.) Announcement

Sealed Engine Alliance Leaders (S.E.A.L.) announced today that Hamner Sealed Engines  will utilize a 1.350″ restrictor (NOT THE SRL) to achieve the competitive balance the organization is charged with ensuring. The decision comes after multiple efforts of dyno testing, including use of restrictors on the Dyno. S.E.A.L. officials representing the Southern Super Series, Champion Racing Association, CARS Super Late Model Tour, and SRL met yesterday with representatives from Hamner Racing Engines, McGunegill Engine Performance and Progressive Engines, as well as RW Race Engines (representing the Parts Engine builders). After an approximate 3 1/2-hour meeting, the parties settled on a 1.350″ restrictor to put the Hamner back in line with the other engine packages.


Officials acknowledged that there was no one change that led to the slightly increased performance in the Hamner, but rather small changes necessitated by changes in parts built by suppliers. The culmination of those changes resulted in a slight increase in performance that required officials to take a small action to ensure everyone is on a level playing field.


“You really won’t see much change on the race track,” according to Southern Super Series, Snowball Derby and SRL Chief Technical Inspector Ricky Brooks. “Most of the race tracks we go to, the teams have more power than they can use, but it’s when we get to the bigger tracks that the restrictor will put the useful performance back in the range of the others.”


For teams out west (SRL), where all engines are already on a 1.200″ restrictor, the Hamner will utilize a 1.150″ restrictor. The ARCA Midwest Tour, which utilizes a two-barrel carburetor, will announce its plans accordingly at a later date.


For events that he oversees, Brooks announced that teams utilizing a Hamner Sealed engine will be required to use the restrictor immediately, including this weekend’s Southern Super Series opener at South Alabama Speedway. The rule will go into effect for the CARS tour following their next event at Hickory Motor Speedway on March 23rd. The restrictor rule for the Hamner will begin for CRA at the ARCA/CRA Super Series opener at Anderson Speedway on April 13.