SRL Announces 2014 Legends Tour Schedule

SRL Announces 2014 Legends Tour Schedule


Bakersfield, CA – The 2014 “SRL Legends Tour” championship season will consist of nine race dates, at five different race tracks.  The 2014 SRL Legends Tour championship will be determined by a driver’s best eight finishes, of the nine scheduled events.

The SRL Legends Tour will compete at Madera Speedway, Kern County Raceway, The Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Stockton 99 Speedway, and Irwindale Speedway in 2014.

The SRL Legends Tour will compete on the same night, at the same track as the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series at seven of the nine scheduled events in 2014.

“This is the fifth season for the SRL Legends Tour and it’s been a great addition to the SRL.  The SRL Legends bring great car counts to the tracks that host our flagship SPEARS Southwest Tour Series,” stated the SRL’s Larry Collins.  “With the help of Chris Carli at ‘Legends of the Pacific’ and the management and officials of our host tracks, we continue to see big Legend car counts at each SRL Legends points race, which is great for the race tracks and their fans.  With our SRL S2 Series, we now have a very systematic progression from Legends to S2, to our Tour cars.”

The SPEARS Southwest Tour Series, SRL S2 Tour Series and the SRL Legends Tour will all start their respective 2014 points championships at Madera Speedway on Saturday, March 15th.  For more information go to:


2014 Schedule of Events


1. March 15th – Madera Speedway



2. April 5th – Kern County Raceway Park



3. May 3rd  – The Bullring at LVMS



4. June 28th – Madera Speedway



5. July 26h – Madera Speedway (with LOP)



6. August 16th – Irwindale Speedway



7. September 6th – Stockton Speedway (with LOP)



8. November 1st – Kern County Raceway Park



  1. November 22nd – The Bullring at LVMS