Bakersfield, CA – Starting in 2016, the SRL will no longer sanction the SRL Legends, or SRL S2 Tour Series. The focus of the SRL will now be solely directed at the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series and special events like the Winter Showdown.


“We’ve enjoyed having the Legends and S2 series under our banner,” stated the SRL’s Larry Collins. “With the current growth of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series and the opportunities to put on events like our Winter Showdown, we had to adjust our focus and our energies.”


2015 was the first year the SRL presented the Winter Showdown. The nationally televised $130,000 Super Late Model event held at Kern County Raceway Park was a huge success in its first year, with over 60 Super Late Model entries from across the nation.


“Our background is promoting events,” stated Collins, whose family owned and operated Mesa Marin Raceway, a half-mile paved oval in Bakersfield for 30 years. “If we’re going to create and present events like the Winter Showdown, we’re going to give it maximum effort to insure it’s a success for everyone involved. With that being said, we had to make some changes that would allow us the time and energy necessary to put on events of this size and stature.”


The founders of the S2 concept, Tim Huddleston and Jeff Schrader will take over and rebrand the S2’s as Racecar Factory Spec Late Models in 2016, with a complete schedule of events. The new Racecar Factory Spec Late Models can be reached at and or call Tim Huddleston at (818) 674-0930 or Jeff Schrader at (626) 256-3322 for more info regarding the new series.

In regards to the legends, Chris Carli and his ‘Legends of the Pacific’ series will insure that legends racing will continue to thrive in our region.


The next event for the SRL is the upcoming Winter Showdown, February 27th and 28th at Kern County Raceway Park. The first official event of the year for the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series will be April 9th at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.