S2 - 1BAKERSFIELD, CA – The management of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series proudly announced today a new division that will compete under the SRL banner, in 2013, the SRL will organize, officiate and sanction the “SRL S2 Tour Series”. The ‘S2’ is a full-size 108-inch wheelbase, tubular chassis stock car, utilizing a 350 hp GM crate motor, with a single manufacturer producing the chassis, with spec components.

“Our flagship is the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series, but we see the S2 division as a great transition for drivers coming out of the Legends or other divisions with plans to move up to our Tour Car series in the future,” stated the SRL’s Larry Collins.  “Another key is the fact that the S2 car is all spec, with no room for costs escalating with the car itself, including the motor which is a steel headed GM crate motor which must remained sealed from the factory.”

The new “SRL S2 Tour Series” will follow the same schedule of the SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series, competing at the same tracks on the same race weekends.

“We’re going to make the “SRL S2 Tour Series” an important part of the future of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.  We see the S2 series as a place that drivers can gain experience in a full size car and ready them to graduate into the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.  The S2 series teams will have the opportunity to become familiar with the SRL officials, their policies and procedures and get to know and learn from the Tour teams and drivers,” Collins added.  “There needs to be a logical, cost effective progression through the short track ranks, and we feel this is a good fit.  The S2 car has one supplier, one engine, and very little maintenance.  The car is limited on set up options, so you need little or no experience to get the car set up right.  We will use the Hoosier 970 which should last three races per set.”

Ryan Cansdale, who is currently leading the ‘2012 SRL Legends Tour’ championship, already has plans to make the transition from the Legends to the S2 Series.S2 - 2

“We’ve ran the Legends car all over the nation for the past two seasons, and we feel this new series will be a great fit for Ryan to gain the experience he needs before making the jump to the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.” stated Ryan’s Dad, Marc Cansdale.

Introduced in 2009, the S2 car was created to allow a young driver moving up to have an opportunity to gain experience in a full-size car, at the same time allowing more experienced drivers the opportunity to compete in a more affordable race car. The concept behind the S2 car is to use the most economical parts and establish rules that keep the cost down. The idea is to offer a full size racecar with a lot of the same ideas that has made legend cars successful nation wide.

SRL S2 Tour Series Car Features:

  • BODY – Five Star S2 body with rear wing and plastic nose, tail, fenders and quarter panels for durability.
  • CHASSIS – Fully fabricated tubular spec chassis built with larger drivers area for increased safety.
  • SUSPENSION – Coil over front and rear suspension for ease of adjustment and performance.
  • SHOCKS – Sealed spec shocks.
  • ENGINE – A 350 horsepower iron head GM factory sealed crate engine.
  • CARBURETOR – A stock “out of the box” Holley 4 barrel. No touch part.
  • CLUTCH – a 10.5″ street stock clutch with hydraulic throw out bearing for durability.
  • TRANSMISSION – A sealed 3 speed OEM transmission with steel bell housing.
  • REAR END – A sealed 4.56 mini spool rear gear in full floating 9″ housing.
  • WHEELS – 15″ x 8″ black 4″ backspace standard wheel.
  • TIRES – Hoosier treaded 970.
  • FUEL CELL – 8-gallon fuel cell.


For more information contact the SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series at 661-679-4681.