SRL – Top 10 Countdown, Sanchez

SRL – Top 10 Countdown, Sanchez

Continuing our countdown of the Spears Srl Southwest Tour Series Championship Top 10, Scott Sanchez comes in at number nine. It was Sanchez’s eighth Top 15 championship finish, in SRL competition. The Bakersfield, CA driver had one Top five and claimed one “Rockwell Time Hard Charger Award”, during his nine race season. Although it was Sanchez’s best championship finish, he felt that his season could have gone much better, had he had the opportunity to practice on Friday’s.

“2017 was frustrating, and I didn’t run nearly as well as I believe I can”, Sanchez told the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series. “Not practicing on Friday really put me behind the rest of the field all year, and it definitely showed in my finishes each week.”

Sanchez has hopes that 2018 will be a better season and has a plan to make sure that happens.

Scott Sanchez Racing began, “For 2018, the plan is to run the entire schedule. We will be focusing on testing a few times and getting the 24 on the track every Friday before each event.

On March 24th, Sanchez will make his 80th career start with the SRL, in his Retro Custom Metals, American Truck and Crane, Race For Autism Chevrolet. It is a number that stands fourth all-time in the record books. He will be hoping for at least a one position improvement from his 2017 Madera Speedway finish. It is an improvement which would put him in the Top 10, for the 13th time in his career.