The Spangler and Mulcahy Duo

The Spangler and Mulcahy Duo

Keith Spangler and David Mulcahy (know to his friends as “Homie”) have had a long relationship in the sport of racing. They have won Super Late Model races together, at the now defunct Saugus Speedway, as well as capturing many great finishes on the NASCAR Southwest Tour, and Spears Srl Southwest Tour Series. Although Spangler has yet to score his first Touring Series win, he has been one of the most consistant drivers in both series history, amasing 108 combined Top 10 finishes, ranking only behind M.K. Kanke’s 131.

In 2018, the Spangler and Mulcahy duo would love to score their first Touring Series victory together, ahead of Spangler’s future retirement from the sport, at an undetermined time. This weekend’s $10,000 to win “Retro Custom Metals 150″ would be the perfect opportunity, as Mulcahy’s company has been a long-time supporter of the SRL, as well as Spangler. That relationship with Keith, goes all the way back to their teenage days. It is a relationship that Homie credits for much of his success, in life, racing and in business.

“Keith and Loren (Keith’s father) took me under there guidance when I was dating Deanna Spangler”, Mulcahy told the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series. “At the time I had been in and out of trouble. I had grown up around racing, and knew of the Spanglers. Keith and I hit it off, and we became like brothers. I have helped and crewed for a lot of other drivers ( Zan Sharp / Jimmy Eaton / Lance Hooper / The Ellisons , ect ), thru the years. But I have always been LOYAL to Keith. He’s kept me out of a lot of trouble, and taught me a lot about racing. I never had the temperament to drive a race car, but always wanted to crew chief, and own my own team. So long story short, Keith and Loren are a part of my success in life and business.”

Homie has also been a special part of the Spangler’s lives as well. Mulcahy has provided help with sponsorship, supplying crew members at far off destinations, working on the car, as well as crewing the machine on race day. With his residence in Utah, and a thriving business, it is hard for Homie to make every race, but Keith is appreciative of everything his good friend provides, and knows he is a racer at heart.

“Dave is a racer, and he has worked and helped a lot of racers over the years”, Spangler told the SPEAR Southwest Tour Series. “Dave has really been a great friend to my family and I.”

During the 2018 season, Homie has increased his participation with the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series. He has provided additional sponsorship to Scott Sanchez, through Retro Custom Metals, and will be sponsoring the $10K to win “Retro Custom Metals Season Finale presented by Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse San Dimas”. He also has a son, that he would love to see in a race car one day. It would not be a surprise to see the Spangler / Mulcahy connection continue, with Keith in the driver’s coach role.

It remains to be seen what the future holds for the long-time friends, but next weekend, the duo will be doing their best to get Keith to the front. If successful, there would be no better place to party the night away than Las Vegas, for a near lifetime goal finally achieved.