Updates and Information:  SPEARS Southwest Tour “All-Star Showdown”

Updates and Information:  SPEARS Southwest Tour “All-Star Showdown”

Updates and Information:  SPEARS Southwest Tour Series

For the February 5th – Irwindale Speedway  


  1. TIRE POLICY – Hoosier 3035 (L) / F50 (R) – Each SPEARS Southwest Tour Series team will be limited to a maximum four sets of (new) sticker tires for the weekend (Thursday – Saturday). You may scuff three of your four sets.


Before qualifying, two sets must be designated as your two race sets – Qualifying Set will be Stickers, Change Set for Half-way break may be designated scuffs.


Teams are not allowed to enter the racetrack from Thursday on with any new tires in their possession.  Any scuffs may be inspected and removed by officials.


All tires used for competition must be purchased through Hoosier Tire West at 559-485-4612.  Teams need to confirm with SRL Officials when they will be allowed to remove their race tires from the Hoosier compound. Your wheels must be marked with your car number and a L or R decal.


The All-Star Showdown is 200 laps and an (8) tire race – Super Late Models will qualify on stickers, but you can scuff your half-way break change set.


Important Note: The F50 has a softer construction than the 3045 with more flex, so be mindful of any possible rubbing issues that may occur.


  1. FUEL – SUNOCO 110 is the spec fuel for the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series. Reserve your fuel for race weekend at competitors@irwindalespeedway.com or 626-358-1100.  It is each team’s responsibility to have your own fuel supply for the event.  Fuel tests will take place during the race weekend – it is your responsibility to ensure your fuel is pure to series standards. Contact the track if you plan to buy fuel during the race weekend so they can insure proper inventory.


  1. PARKING – If your team has any special parking requests, please let Ricky Brooks know as soon as possible, rickybrooks5@aol.com, but no later than Tuesday the 26th. If you need to unhook from your trailer during the race weekend, please let us know.  Every team will have a pre-assigned parking spot for the weekend.


  1. SPOTTERS – Spotters must be utilized at all times your car is on track. The spotter must monitor race control with a scanner or stand-alone radio at 0125.  Spotter’s location will be on top of the Irwindale press box tower for the main events.


  1. MUFFLERS – A muffler must be used and installed in a configuration that will suppress exhaust noise to a maximum DBA set by the race entry. Sound levels will be checked – Irwindale Speedway is under strict LA County mandates.


  1. HALF-TIME – At the lap 100 break, teams will have 7-minutes to change four tires, make adjustments, and fuel the car. Car may only be jacked up one side at a time, and team must have a manned fire extinguisher while fueling the car.  Maximum 5 crew members to service the car.


  1. DUPLICATE CAR NUMBERS – Cars running the same number is allowed, but each car will be required to display a minimum four-inch first letter of the drivers last name low and behind the car number on each side.


  1. REQUIRED DECALS – To be eligible for any and all cash awards at the event, all contingency decals are required to be in place in proper locations, the Spears Manufacturing windshield decal must also be in place. Decals will not be available until race weekend.


  • You are not allowed to exit the track under green flag conditions. During practice you may pull onto the 1/3-mile oval and wait until the track is yellow, then you may proceed to the pit area.  The spotter MUST stay in contact with the driver, and in position, until the car exits the track. During the race, the Hot Pit will be located in the infield.
  • Minors release form mandatory for anyone under the age of 18 in the infield pit area.
  • No minimum age limit in the infield pit area. An adult must accompany minors at all times.
  • No BBQ’s or open flame allowed in Pit Area.


  1. NO GOLF CARTS, SCOOTER, QUADS – No golf carts, quads, bicycles or any type of motorized scooter, etc allowed on the raceway grounds. THE INJURED OR HANDICAPPED MAY BE ALLOWED SINGLE PERSON SCOOTERS – MUST GET APPROVAL FROM RICKY BROOKS.


  1. PRIVATE TESTING – The track is available for Private Test Days starting January 22nd – contact the track to reserve your time at competitors@irwindalespeedway.com or 626-358-1100.


  1. NATIONALLY TELEVISED – The race will be livestreamed on SPEARSRacing.TV, live, and will be nationally televised at a later date on MAVTV. Team uniforms are not mandatory, but let’s do our best to represent our team and series in a professional manner.


“Thank you for competing with the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series”