“Retro Custom Metals 150 presented by Pinnacle Peak Steakhouse”


RACE DISTANCE:  150 laps / Break at half-way

FIRE EXTINGUISHER – To pass tech, each team must present at Friday tech inspection a minimum 5-pound (preferably 10 pound) fire extinguisher with car number displayed on it. Fire Extinguisher must be in your pit at all times, and manned during refueling at half-way break or penalty will be assessed.  As competitors, we must always take the possibility of a fire very seriously, let’s be pro-active rather than reactive.


RADIO or SCANNER: To pass tech, each team must present a team radio or scanner that monitors SRL Race Control.  460.0125 Frequency


MAVTV:  This race will be nationally televised by MAVTV.


Friday, November 22nd – Gates 12pm, Pre -Tech Inspection Open by Appointments start at 1:30pm, First Practice 3:45pm

Saturday, November 23rd – Gates 9am, Chapel 9:45pm, Driver/Crew Chief/Spotter Meeting 10am, Practice 11am and 12pm (30 minutes ea.), Qualifying Tech 2pm, Qualifying at approximately 3:10pm.


Friday Pit Pass: $40 (No per car fee.)

Saturday Pit Pass: $40

FRIDAY TECH: All cars are required to roll through the scales on Friday at a designated pre-assigned time for each team.

ENGINE TECH: If your engine or carb needs to be inspected and sealed, please respond to this email or contact Ricky Brooks directly at 850-324-6821.

CARB UPDATE: SRL Tour legal 9.5:1 engine carb rule: Unaltered 390 CFM 4bbl Part #6895 or #80507. Carburetors must pass inspection at any time regardless of temperature. Booster must remain unaltered orgauge legal, 750 Holley carburetors (4779 or 80528) with the All-Star Performance Adjustable Base Plate with 1.200 inserts.  No other modifications are allowed on carbs.


TIRES: 3035’s left side, 3045’s right side. Pre-order from Hoosier Tire West at 559-485-4612.

FUEL: SUNOCO 110 WILL NOT be available at the Bullring. SUNOCO 110 is the Spec Fuel of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series; It is each teams responsibility to have their own supply of SUNOCO 110.


Rebel Oil Bulk Plant

1900 W. Sahara Ave.

Las Vegas, NV 89102

Phone: (702) 385-7099

Hours: Monday-Friday 6:30 am – 4:00 pm


PIT REGISTRATION SIGN IN:  All SRL Competitors, Crew Members, Family Members, Friends, Sponsors etc. are to sign in at the SRL credential windows at Las Vegas.  


PARKING:  The Top 15 in the 2019 SPEARS Southwest Tour Series championship, and their teammates will park in order in the first spots. If you need to park by someone you must call or email that information to us in advance.

NOTE:  The overall parking area of the Bullring has changed in 2019.  Registration and pit entrance have been moved to the far end of the pit area, towards the big track.

MUFFLERS: Series Rules – A muffler (not just an insert) must be used and installed in a configuration that will suppress exhaust noise to a maximum of 99db’s at 100 feet.

IMPOUND: All cars will be impounded after qualifying; only 2 people may check pressures, stagger (no jacks) and remove tape – We will fuel check the top 3 qualifiers, crew members need to be there with tools ready for a fuel check.



DUPLICATE NUMBERS: Cars with “Duplicate Numbers” must run the initial of the driver’s last name behind the number, a minimum five inches in height.

Las Vegas Entry – Current Duplicate Numbers:

6B, 6F, 11B, 11D, 21N, 21R, 43T, 43R, 51V, 51T, 71N, 71M



Left Side Weight: Maximum Left Side Weight % must be correct at all times, both pre-race and post-race inspection (without refueling).



Contingency Decals: All SRL contingency sponsors’ decals including SPEARS windshield decal, must be placed on all cars to be eligible for event prize money, points and awards.  The location of these decals will be designated by the SRL. The contingency pack will be supplied by the SRL.

Transponders: Transponders must be on the car anytime the car is on track throughout the weekend.


Name on Rocker: The drivers last name must be displayed on both sides along or just above the rocker panel in minimum 5-inch readable letters.  NOTE: Driver’s full name is also required above the driver’s side door to allow EMT’s to properly communicate with the driver if needed.


Golf Carts: No golf carts, quads, scooters, etc. allowed in the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series pit area on race weekends. 

SPEARS Southwest Tour Series



Overview:  Race distance 150 laps.  Competition Half-Time Break at/or around lap 75 for fuel and adjustments.  Once the yellow is out for the break, stay on the track until the Pace Truck stops the field, you must be single file along the bottom of the racetrack.  Once all cars are stopped, and all crews reach their cars, a signal will be given when work may begin but not before signal is given from Race Control, at which time the 7-minute clock will start.


  1. Mandated Fire Extinguisher – Each team must have a manned, minimum 5-pound (preferably 10 pound) fire extinguisher at their car. If not manned during refueling, penalty will be assessed. As competitors, we must always take the possibility of a fire very seriously, let’s be pro-active rather than reactive.


  1. Once all the cars are stopped – and the signal is giving by Race Control, a maximum of four (4) crewmembers will be allowed to work on their car. If a crew member goes to the car early, it will restart at the rear.


Fuel may be added – Car may be jacked up only one side at a time, jack stands mandatory, but tires must remain on the car (unless approval by an SRL Official).  Hood and deck lid may be removed and adjustments may be made. Note: the burn-off for overall weight will be based on 75 laps.



  1. Tires – There will be no approved tire changes immediately after the break, air pressure may be adjusted during the break.


  1. After the 7-minute break, if the Pace Truck makes one full lap and passes your car before you roll-off, you will be required to re-start at the rear of the field. Unless, you have made a race official aware that your car won’t start, in which case your car may be pushed to re-start, and you will get your position back.


Please let us know if you have any questions.