• Race Distance: 125 Laps
  • Caution laps do not count except the lap the yellow comes out on will be counted.
  • You will not go down a lap unless you don’t take the next green on the re-start.


FRIDAY TECH PRE-ASSIGNED TIMES: All cars are required to roll through the scales on Friday at a designated pre-assigned time for each team.


Two-Day Pit Pass – $80/each

Friday Only – $35/each

Saturday Only- $50/each


ROUTE TO REDWOOD ACRES:  The suggested route for our team rigs to Eureka is I-5 to 299.


PARKING: With the tight area for our rigs, we will park rigs in the order which they enter the pit area, SRL officials will direct rigs when to enter.  The first rig in will park in the first stall closest to pit registration/pit entrance.  If you wish to park next to another team, you will need to enter together.  Team rigs will be staged in the gravel Parking Lot just outside of Turn 1 prior to entering the Pit Area.  (You can park your rig in the gravel lot as early as Thursday). NOTE: Do not enter the Pit Area unless an SRL Official is there to park you.


TIRES:  Each team will be able to purchase two sets of tires (3035/F50) upon arriving at the track on race weekend.  No other new tires will be allowed upon arriving at the track at any time.  Teams will be allowed to take possession of one set on Friday, the second set will be released after Saturday practice. 


SATURDAY PIT GATES:  On Saturday, the track will open the pit gates at 9am, which is five hours before our practice.  The SRL Trailer will not officially open until 11am.  If you choose to come in before 11am, you can unload and work on your car any time after 9am.


STARTS/RESTARTS:  As per the current Race Procedures: Front row should gradually increase speed at cones/flags (in turn 3) and be at speed (out of turn 4) coming to the start line, the next time you slow should be on entry to turn one. Front row must stay side by side and at no time should second place be ahead of the leader before the green waves. The key is for the front row is to gradually pick up the throttle together and stays together until the green is waved. 


LEFT SIDE WEIGHT: Maximum Left Side Weight % must be correct at all times, both pre-race and post-race inspection (without refueling).

TRANSPONDERS: Transponders must be on the car anytime the car is on track throughout the weekend.


SPOTTERS: The Spotters location is the middle of the back straight-away. Each spotter must have a scanner, or a separate radio that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0125. No longer may you use a radio that scans Race Control secondary, as it interferes with communication to the spotter, which then leads to directions not being heard.




CAMPING/RV:  RV spots are available at the track.





Bear River Casino Resort

11 Bear Paws Way,  

Loleta, CA 95551



Rate:                      $206


Group Code:       RACESRL





Red Lion Hotel 

1929 4th St

Eureka, CA 95501



Corporate Rate: “Redwood Acres Raceway” $150/night





Thank you for being part of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series

– Where the Champions Race!