• Race Distance: 125 Laps – $5,000 to win.
  • Caution laps do not count except the lap the yellow comes out on will be counted.
  • Qualifying order will be invert from Saturday practice times based on number drawn.


FRIDAY TECH PRE-ASSIGNED TIME: All cars are required to roll through the scales on Friday at a designated pre-assigned time for each team.



Two-Day Pit Pass – $80/each

Friday Only – $40/each

Saturday Only- $50/each

Friday Per Car Practice Fee: $100 includes Driver




TIRES:  Each team will be able to purchase two sets of tires (3035/3045) upon arriving at the track on race weekend.  No other new tires will be allowed upon arriving at the track at any time.  Teams will be allowed to take possession of one set on Friday, the second set will be released after Saturday practice. 


STARTS/RESTARTS:  As per the current Race Procedures: Front row should gradually increase speed at cones (in turn 3) and be at speed (out of turn 4) coming to the start line, the next time you slow should be on entry to turn one. Front row must stay side by side and at no time should second place be ahead of the leader before the green waves. The key is to gradually pick up the throttle, so no one has to slow down at any time before entering Turn 1 and the front row goes together and stays together until the green is waved.


LEFT SIDE WEIGHT: Maximum Left Side Weight % must be correct at all times, both pre-race and post-race inspection (without refueling).

TRANSPONDERS: Transponders must be on the car anytime the car is on track throughout the weekend.


SPOTTER’S RADIO: Each spotter must have a scanner, or a separate radio that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0125. No longer may you use a radio that scans Race Control secondary, as it interferes with communication to the spotter, which then leads to directions not being heard.


FUEL CELL BLADDER: The manufacture’s date on all fuel cell bladders must be within 7 years of current date.  The series must have record of your fuel cell being up to date and sealed.

SPECTATORS:  http://www.allamericanspeedway.com



From All-American Speedway:


Exhaust system and noise requirements

Mufflers, single or dual, are mandatory and shall be sufficient enough to meet all sound requirements of All American Speedway at all times. No side exit exhaust. All exhaust shall exit under the car. All mufflers must have a turn down that aims the exhaust exit at the ground. Due to our strict sound restrictions and the effect that weather condition variables have on sound generation, it is highly recommended that additional sound adjustability be built in to your exhaust system in the event your vehicle does not meet the sound levels required.


All vehicles competing, practicing or testing at All American Speedway are required to comply with the mandated maximum sound output restriction. All individual vehicles are required meet a maximum decibel output of 90 DBA. No exceptions. Any vehicles found to be exceeding the allowable levels will be black flagged from the race track and required to make necessary repairs before being allowed back on the race track.  





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