UPDATES and REMINDERS September 18, 2020 Revised

UPDATES and REMINDERS September 18, 2020 Revised


Fuel Burn Off Revision:

Fuel burn off will be 100 pounds after event.

STARTS/RESTARTS – As per the current Race Procedures: Front row should gradually increase speed at cones (in turn 3) and be at speed (out of turn 4) coming to the start line, the next time you slow should be on entry to turn one. Front row must stay side by side and at no time should second place be ahead of the leader before the green waves.  We plan to move the cone to an earlier point in Turn 3 at Roseville, the key is to gradually pick up the throttle, so no one has to slow down at any time before entering Turn 1.



ROSEVILLE FORMAT – 127 laps, four tires, yellows do not count, break at or near lap 77, break will take place on back straight-away (not in pit area), no tires brought out on break, car may be jacked up one side at a time with jack stands, adjustments may be made, fire extinguisher must be at car if fuel is being added, driver may get out of car, break is six minutes.  Yellow flag will be thrown after 40 consecutive green flag laps prior to 25 to go. Qualifying order will be full invert from final practice. Fuel burn off will be 100 pounds after event.



REVISED YELLOW – We will not count caution laps, the lap the initial caution is displayed will count. 1. When the yellow flag is displayed stop racing, slow and maintain your single file position with caution. 2. Yellow laps do not count.  You will not lose a lap as long as you cross the start finish before the race is restarted.  We do not revert back a lap. 3. If you are involved, spin, slowed or your progress is disrupted by the incident, you will be positioned where you rejoin or blend back into the field. NOTE: The incident must play itself out before the order is set. If you choose to pit you must first wait until the Pace Car has control of the field, and you have followed the Pace Car across the S/F line at least once – otherwise you will be relegated to the tail of the longest line for pitting early.  If you pit and don’t rejoin the field in your proper position before the one to go sign, you will restart at the tail of the field.



MUFFLERS – Keep working to insure your car meets the limit of 90db which has to be strictly enforced at Roseville.



ON TIME FOR FRIDAY TECH – Teams need to be on time for their assigned tech times on Friday.  This procedure is in place as a convenience for the teams, but only works if teams arrive on time.


BRING YOUR COWBOY HATS:  If you competed at the 1st Round of the “JM Environmental Wild West Shootout” at Stockton, please bring your Black Cowboy Hat that you wore during driver introductions.  If you were not at Stockton, you will receive a Cowboy Hat at Roseville. 


THROWBACK PAINT SCHEMES FOR KERN:  In celebration of the 31st annual October Classic at Kern County Raceway, one of the sport’s most iconic short track races, “Throwback” paint schemes will be part of the race weekend.  Any paint scheme, just provide the story behind it – family/team connection, honor a short track hero from back in the day, Cup driver, etc. You can change your car number to go with the throwback.  Best ‘Throwback Scheme’ will be presented a set of tires courtesy of Hoosier Tire West.


RACE FORMAT KERN COUNTY OCTOBER CLASSIC:  At the “October Classic” race weekend Saturday and Sunday, October 24th and 25th, the final race of the “JM Environmental Wild West Shootout” the format will be:

  • Race Distance: 127 Laps
  • $500 for Fast-Time
  • $1,000 to Leader at Lap 27
  • Break at lap 77 event.
  • Yellow flag will be thrown after 35 consecutive green flag laps prior to 25 to go
  • Caution laps do not count – the lap the yellow comes out on will be counted.

Currently – Spectator tickets will not be available for the Kern County Raceway event.





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