BULLETIN: 1/17 /13

BULLETIN: 1/17 /13



ROOF RAILS – For the Pikes Peak International Raceway event, a strip of aluminum angle, a minimum ½ inch high and a maximum 3/4 inch high, must be attached to the entire length of the roof (from windshield to rear window) on each side of the roof close to the outside edge of the roof. The roof rail must be mounted parallel with the car, and aligned vertically.


A third air deflector must also be installed on the rear window, a minimum of 1 ½ inches high, and a maximum 1 ¾ inches high mounted parallel with the centerline of the car. This deflector must be in line with the left side roof rail and extend the full length of the rear window.


Roof Rails and deflector – Optional at all other tracks on the schedule.


TESTING – There will be no private testing allowed at both Rocky Mountain Raceway and Pikes Peak International Raceway, unless approved by the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series director.


FINALLY – The integrity of the rulebook is vital to the success of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.


All the rules listed in the 2013 SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Rule Book are in force and competing cars are expected to be in compliance with each rule in the book.


The following items will be checked at the first race that each car competes in 2013, so please be prepared:


  1. Engine Tech – Inspected and Sealed if needed.
  2. Fuel Cell – Inspected and Sealed if needed.

3.     Frame Rail Offset – The centerline of the main frame side rails (o-t-o) must be within three (3) inches of the centerline of front and rear tread width.

4.     Axle Tubes – Minimum thickness. (See rule book)

5.Door Plates – Minimum thickness. (See rule book)