Bulletin April 7, 2015

Bulletin April 7, 2015

Based on the feedback to a letter sent to the Top 25 teams of the series, the S.E.A.L. engine programs available through Hamner, McGunegill and Progressive will be approved as an option for SPEARS Southwest Tour Series competition.


The current 9.5:1 engines that the series has utilized for each of its 15 seasons will remain in place. Based on the input from the teams, we are simply making an available option.


Below is the bulletin that explains that the S.E.A.L. approved engines will utilize 1.200th insert available from Allstar Performance.   Note: The S.E.A.L. engines were mandated a 1.300th insert during the Winter Showdown.


The S.E.A.L. program will be an option beginning today, as teams expressed that if the decision is going to be made to offer an option, there is no reason to postpone it.


Of all the teams that responded to this issue, all were supportive, with one team wanting to understand the program better before offering their opinion.


We appreciate the feedback from everyone, and we will continue to do our work to make the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series the best series possible for all of you who devote so much time, money and effort to be part of it. The quality of the race teams in this series is second to none and we are proud to be associated with each of you who field a team in the series.



Best regards,



Larry Collins

SPEARS SRL Southwest Tour Series


Bulletin: April 7, 2015


Effective immediately for SPEARS Southwest Tour Series competition:


Approved McGunegill, Hamner, Progressive “S.E.A.L. Engines” at 2,900lbs. All approved S.E.A.L. engines must use the gauge legal, 750 Holley carburetor, with the All Star Performance Adjustable Base Plate with the 1.200th inserts. See link. http://www.allstarperformance.com/specSheets/pdf/285.pdf

  • Any tampering of seals or established construction of these engines is grounds for immediate disqualification and confiscation.
  • 7600 maximum RPM limits. Rev limiting device must be operational at all times with RPM Dials set correctly. RPM Dials must securely sealed by SRL officials for competition.
  • All cars using the approved S.E.A.L. – McGunegill, Hamner, or Progressive engine must only use the following ignition system: Crane Cams Ignition part# 6000-6700 (HI-6RC) and a Coil part# 730-0192 (PS92N), mounted on a tray as from Crane Cams, as far to the right and forward as possible inside the car. RPM dial positioned facing right side of car.