Helpful Information Regarding the September 29th Pikes Peak International Raceway Event: Part II

Helpful Information Regarding the September 29th Pikes Peak International Raceway Event: Part II



  1. Teams new to the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series will be required to have engines and carburetors inspected and sealed before competing.


  1. No muffler required – no sound limit for the PPIR event.


  1. Roof Rails Mandatory (see SRL Rule Book for details)


  1. Any extra support to keep the body from moving or vibrating is recommended.


  1. Support the hood from the center- important to keep the pressure off the cold air box, which could lead to the throttle sticking – recommended.


  1. Be sure the hood is taped down, or an eyebrow on the leading edge of the hood is utilized.


  1. Utilize something stronger and larger in diameter than a pop rivet to hold the fender and rocker panel in place behind the front tires, as the pressure from under the car may rip this area by pushing outward – recommended.


  1. Reinforcing under the deck lid and rear window with vertical support braces is recommended. The rear window or roof may not flex down at speed.


  1. Straps on the outside of windshield and especially the rear window are recommended.


10. NACA ducts can only be forward mounted – no hoses or holes through the interior sheet metal for the purpose of drawing air from under the car.


11. Bodies must meet SPEARS Southwest Tour Series and ‘ABC’ standards.


12. Nose templates, referee and other inspection tools will be used on the bodies.



13. Nose measurement – A minimum measurement of 20 inches is required from the point where the hood and nose intersect, measured to the bottom of the nose (not the wear strip). The grill and its openings must remain as produced.


14. ABC “A” measurement must maintain a min. length of 11.5 inches.


15. Non- adjustable rear spoiler must measure 6-1/2 inches in height and 60-inches in total length, with a minimum angle of 70 degrees. Must be rigid with rear supports.


16. When trimming the nose flap, the cut that forms the front of the wheel opening must be 90 degrees to the ground.


17. 79 ½ maximum body width at any point (top of fender, bottom of nose, etc.)


18. No trimming the bumper cover.


19. Rocker panels may be fabricated as long as they resemble ABC tagged rocker panels in all respects in size, shape and material. (no contour)


20. Even if your engine and carburetor is already sealed, your engine and/or carburetor may be re-inspected at this event.


21. Be sure your transponder is located in the right location. Transponder must be mounted 24 inches (center of axle tube to the center of transponder) behind the rear axle housing on outside of right side frame rail. Transponders are mandatory for practice sessions.


22. Do not bow of contour body panels in any way.  (Such as: Quarter panel behind rear tire cannot be flat or contoured inward must be shaped as manufactured.)


23. No holes or gaps in body or windows for the purpose of exhausting air.


24. Lexan vent window deflector must be to ABC specifications.


25. Cold air box and cowl opening must be SRL legal – see rule book.


26. Air filter and cowl:  Choose one option.



  • Option #1: When a round SRL-approved metal air filter housing is used. The top and bottom of the air filter housing must be solid and must be the same diameter – THEN a fresh air deflector will be permitted directly under the cowl air opening in the cowl panel. The deflector must measure a maximum of two (2) inches down and maximum two (2) inches forward, by 20 inches in width.   Must be rigid.


  • Option #2: The use of the “FIVE STAR” Induction Cold Air Box and Cowl Air Deflector. Used as manufactured, no modifications, no additional heat shield or wrap.


  1. It is each team’s responsibility to have their own supply of the SRL SPEC FUEL “SUNOCO Standard 110”. If you would like to pre-order fuel to have at the track upon your arrival, contact Norm Fisher at 303-350-3758 (or at of Hill Petroleum the local representative for SUNOCO Race Fuel.


  1. 28.  Fuel tests will take place during the race weekend – it is your responsibility to insure your fuel is pure SUNOCO Standard 110, you can request to have your fuel tested by a series official at anytime.


29. Colorado National Cars will not factor in to how points are awarded to the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series teams.


30. All cars are required to display the SPEARS MANUFACTURING windshield decal.


31. FINAL NOTE:  It is your team’s responsibility to be sure your car meets the rules and specifications set fourth for this event by the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.


Respect – Consideration – Professionalism

Words to carry throughout the race weekend



For more information, please contact Larry Collins at 661-679-4681 or at