IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Kern County Raceway Park 9.30.15

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Kern County Raceway Park 9.30.15



CARBURETOR TECH – Important: A thorough carburetor inspection will be part of post race tech. If the carburetor does not pass, the car will be disqualified.


Any carburetor inspected with the base plate removed before the race, will not be required to be inspected after the race. If your carburetor is sealed and has already been inspected with the base plate removed, you may be exempt.


LEFT SIDE WEIGHT RULE: Starting at Kern County Raceway Park on October 17th, 2015, left side weight rule for Perimeter Chassis cars will be maximum 58%, and Straight Frame Rail cars at maximum 57%.


This rule will also be in effect at Las Vegas Bulling on November 21st, and for the entire 2016 season and beyond.


NOTE: Added weight must not be attached ahead of the front spindles or behind the rear axle.



Friday – Pit Gates 2pm

Saturday – Pit Gates 10am

A detailed schedule will be emailed as soon as we receive it from the track.



$200 per car on Friday (no pit pass fee) everyone must sign in at registration.

$35 per member pit pass / $45 non member on Saturday

Note: Saturday pit passes may be purchased on Friday at Registration.


SAFETY TECH: All new cars will require a safety check before going on track.


FRIDAY INSPECTION: All cars will be required to roll through the scales on Friday anytime before 8pm.


ENGINE TECH: All cars without an SRL engine and carburetor seal in place will be required to have an engine and/or carburetor inspection before competing. (Engine and Carb inspections are currently scheduled for Saturday morning.)

Engine needs to be cold.

PLEASE NOTIFY the series before the race if your car requires engine tech.


FUEL: “SUNOCO 110 Standard” is available through the track. You can contact Toby Daves, the track’s parts and fuel vendor directly at 661-330-3345.



  • Minors release form mandatory for anyone under the age of 18 in the infield pit area.
  • The maximum speed limit is 5 MPH at all times in the pit area.
  • No toe-less shoes or sandals.
  • No riding on skateboards, roller skates/blades, golf carts, motorized scooters, bicycles or quads.
  • For additional info go to



Clarion Hotel

3540 Rosedale Hwy

Bakersfield, CA 93308

(661) 326-1111

Group Code: SRL

Group Rate:   $75





Thank you for being part of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.