The Bullring – Las Vegas Motor Speedway


OWNER’S MEETING: The annual SPEARS Southwest Tour Series owners meeting will take place on Friday at 7:15pm in the main grandstand tower at The Bullring. Owner, driver or crew chiefs are welcome to represent their team.


VERY IMPORTANT: All SRL Competitors, Crew Members, Family Members, Friends, etc. are to purchase Pit Passes at the SRL credential windows.


FUEL: The Bullring does not sell SUNOCO.

It is each teams responsibility to have their own supply of SUNOCO 110 Standard, the spec fuel of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.


CHAMPIONSHIP TIE-BREAKER: From the 2015 Rule Book – If at any time two (2) or more drivers or car owners have the same number of points (a “tie”), each driver or car owner will be ranked according to the greatest number of 1st place finishes in 2015 Events for each respective series as of that time. If a tie still exists, the greatest number of 2nd place finishes, 3rd place finishes etc., will be used in the same manner, until the tie is broken.


PERFORMANCE RADIOS: Kay Sedgwick of Performance Radios will be at the Bullring this weekend.


FAST TIME BONUS: Reeve’s Complete Auto Center will pay a $250 bonus for fast time this weekend.



FRIDAY – Gates 12noon, Tech opens 1pm (closes at 7pm)

Practice Sessions 2:30pm (60 min.), 4:30pm (60 min.), 6:15pm (45 min.)

SATURDAY – Gates 9:00am, Driver’s Meeting 10:30am, Practice 11:45am (45 min.) Qualifying Tech Opens 2pm, Qualifying 3:30pm



Single Day Pit Passes:
Friday Only Pit Pass: $15 SRL Members / $20 Non-Members
Saturday Only Pit-Pass:  $35 SRL Members / $40 Non-Members
Two-Day Pit Pass:
SRL Member:    $ 50
Non-Member:    $ 60

Friday Practice Fee: $150 practice fee per car.


Purchase pit passes and pay practice fee at the SRL credential windows.


FRIDAY TECH: All cars are required to roll through the scales on Friday between 1pm and 7pm. All cars making their 2015 debut will undergo a more thorough inspection on Friday.


ENGINE TECH: Engine Tech will take place first thing on Friday after gates open. All cars are required an SRL engine and carb seal. If your engine needs to be inspected, please respond to this email.


SCANNING REQUIRED: It is mandatory that each spotter has a radio (or scanner) that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0125


SPOTTERS: Spotters are required at all times when your car is on track – practice, qualifying and race. Spotters will be located on the top row of the main grandstand for the race.


MAVTV: MAVTV will be on site to televise the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series finale; the race will air at a later date to be announced.



  • Pit area speed limit is 5 mph for all vehicles, racecars included.
  • Golf carts, scooters, quads, or similar motorized vehicles are not allowed in the pits. (This rule applies for all SRL events)
  • Trailers may be left in the pit area overnight. The pit area will be secured each night of the event. You may also leave your trailer in the pit area Saturday night and pick it up Sunday morning.



5111 Boulder Highway
Las Vegas, Nevada    89122-6004
(877) 593-5993
Room Rate:           $30.00 Thursday – $74.00 Friday – $74.00 Saturday

Group Name:       SPEARS SRL SW 1115

Group Code:         A5SSC11

Cutoff Date:         November 10, 2015




Thank you again for being part of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series