September 19, 2013


GARAGE STALLS: Garage Stalls will be assigned prior to race weekend.  If you have any special request, please let us know this week.  NOTE: Engines cannot be fired while inside garages.


ENGINE TECH/ EARLY PIT ENTRY: All cars will be required to have an engine and carburetor inspection ‘seal’ before competing.  For the teams that require an engine inspection you may enter the pit area at 10am on Friday.  Otherwise, the pit gate time is 1pm on Friday.  You must notify the series if you plan to enter early for engine inspection.


SOUND LIMITS: There is NO sound limit for the Pikes Peak International Raceway event.  Mufflers not mandatory for PPIR event.



  • All new cars to the series must pass a safety inspection prior to practice.
  • All cars will be required to have passed Friday or Saturday “Tech inspection” and receive a Tech Sticker prior to Saturday morning practice.
  • All cars competing will be at the same’ track width’ requirement.
  • SRL approved 390 carburetors only.
  • Qualifying/Race tires (stickers) will be released after the Sunday morning warm-up. Everyone qualifies on stickers, Race Tires may never be removed from Hoosier compound before release at 8:50am on Sunday.
  • Teams must draw for ‘qualifying order’ on Saturday; this will also be the order to cross the scales on Sunday morning for Qualifying Tech.
  • On race day, Qualifying Inspection opens at 9:30am, it is your team’s responsibility to have your car on the ground ready to roll to tech at 9:30am sharp – no matter what position you are scheduled to come through the tech line.  9:30am ready to roll.  Your team will be directed by an Official when to proceed to Qualifying Tech.
  • If you miss your qualifying order position by 3 spots, the slower of the two laps will be your time.
  • Any team that has to make more than two attempts to pass through pre-qualifying tech inspection will receive the slowest of two qualifying laps. You are required to take two green flag laps if you are under penalty, or you will receive no time.
  • If more than three attempts to pass through pre-qualifying tech – no qualifying attempt will be allowed.
  • Qualifying – Green first time by, two timed laps, then cars will be impounded on Hot Pit Lane until race time.
  • Driver introductions begin at 1:20pm on Sunday.


BRAKE COOLING: All air entering front brake-cooling ducts must enter through the front of the lower air dam through openings separate from the radiator duct work. The air must be drawn through the nose of the car, not from under the car below/behind the nose and must be directed solely at the brakes and not intended for tire cooling.


LICENSE and ENTRY: Please get your SPEARS Southwest Tour Series License Applications and Entries in before race weekend.  Drivers must have SRL license.


SCANNING REQUIRED: It is mandatory that each spotter has a radio (or scanner) that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0625.


SPOTTER’S LOCATION:  For the race, the Spotter’s Location will be on top of the main grandstand tower.  Each team must have one spotter in that location before the start of the race.  Also, on Saturday’s final practice session, all teams are required to have their spotter in that location for that final practice.  Throughout the weekend spotters are mandatory anytime your car is on track – spotters are welcome on top of the infield ‘Media Center’ or on top of the Main Grandstand Tower during practice sessions – except the final Saturday practice and Sunday race will require all spotters on top of the grandstand tower.


TRANSPONDERS: Scoring transponders are to be on car at all times when on track. Transponder must be mounted 24 inches (center of axle tube to the center of transponder) behind the rear axle housing on outside of right side frame rail. Transponders are mandatory for practice sessions. You may use your own transponder, or rent a transponder ($35/weekend) from the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series trailer.

If you have your own transponder, please forward the number off your transponders to the SRL.


TIRES: Tires: Hoosier F45 (L) and 56* (R) available through Hoosier Tire West at 559-485-4612. Hoosier Tire West will service the event.  You can call ahead and give them your sizes and they will have the tires waiting for you when you arrive.

  • RECOMMENDED PRESSURES:  20lbs. Left / 30 lbs. Right.
  • Qualifying / Race Tires may never leave the Hoosier Tire compound before the Tire Release at 8:50am on race day.
  • NOTE:  Wheel weights may only be installed on the inside of the wheel and must use the addition of 3M Weather Adhesive when installing.
  • F45 & 56* are the only tires allowed on cars after Friday.


FUEL: If you would like to pre-order fuel to have at the track upon your arrival, contact Norm Fisher at 303-350-3758 (or at of Hill Petroleum the local representative for SUNOCO Race Fuel. It is each team’s responsibility to have their own supply of the SRL SPEC FUEL “SUNOCO Standard 110”.  Fuel is not scheduled to be for sale at the track.


SPEARS MANUFACTURING WINDSHIELD DECAL: The Spears Manufacturing windshield decal will be mandatory for all cars, SRL Contingency Decals are not mandatory if car is displaying their track or series contingencies.


RACE FORMAT:  The race distance is 100 laps – with a planned break for fuel at lap 50.


TEAM UNIFORMS: The collective appearance of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series teams is an important element to the success of this event and its future (please try to stay away from white t-shirts and blue jeans). Team uniforms (as simple as colored t-shirts and black jeans) are not mandatory, but highly encouraged for everyone associated with your race team.  Long pants are mandatory for all members of your race team.


GRANDSTAND SEATING:  Adult General Admission Grandstand seating is $35 on Race Day.  Kids 12 and under Free.  Advance discounted $20 tickets can be purchased at any Drive-In Autosound location in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Denver.  Grandstand open to public on Friday and Saturday – no charge.  Check for special offers.



  • No one under the age of 16 allowed on Hot Pit Lane.
  • Long Pants required on Hot Pit Lane.
  • Minors release form mandatory for anyone under the age of 18 in the infield pit area.
  • No minimum age limit in the infield pit area.
  • Minors must be accompanied by an adult at all times.



Friday Practice Fee per car $100

Friday Pit Pass:             SRL Members $25 / Non-Members $35

Saturday Pit Pass:             SRL Members $30 / Non-Members $40

Sunday Pit Pass:             SRL Members $35 / Non-Members $45


Three-Day Pit Pass:             SRL Members $75 / Non-Members $90


PIT AREA PARKING:  Each team will be presented with one infield Parking Pass for the weekend.  (In addition to the tow rig)


RV PARKING:  RV overnight parking is available in the PPIR infield for $50/day or $100/weekend – electrical hook ups, no water or sewer.  Contact Paul Jensen at PPIR at 719-382-7223.


TESTING REMINDER: There will be no private testing allowed at Pikes Peak International Raceway.


Pikes Peak International Raceway

16650 Midway Ranch Road Fountain, CO 80817 located off exit #122 on Interstate 25 (Pikes Peak Int’l Raceway exit) just minutes south of Colorado Springs.