Race Procedures: S2 Tour Series 3.14.13

Race Procedures: S2 Tour Series 3.14.13



Initial Start:

1. Double file, once the Starter shows the ‘one to go’ signal, no scrubbing of tires, cars need to position nose-to-tail.

2. The front row must maintain ‘pace car’ speed until they accelerate at the drop of the green flag.

3. The drop of the green flag starts the race, the outside front row car must not beat the pole position to the S/F line.

4. No passing allowed until S/F line – You may not pull out of line until the S/F line.



1. Single-file restarts laps 2 through the last five (5) laps, with lap cars maintaining track position at point of yellow flag.

2. Leader must stay within 1.5 car lengths of Pace Car at all times throughout caution period.

3. After the ‘one to go’ signal, no more scrubbing of tires, cars to position nose-to-tail.

4. Leader must maintain Pace Car speed until he accelerates to re-start the race.

5. The leader of the race must accelerate to re-start the race within the designated re-start area – the designated area is the middle of turns 3 and 4, plus a car length.

6. No pulling out of line to the inside until S/F line, passing allowed to the outside only before S/F line.


Yellow Flag:

1. When yellow flag is displayed the field will be “frozen”, hold your position and proceed with caution. DO NOT RACE BACK TO THE START/FINISH LINE. DO NOT PASS.

2. Your restart position will be the running position you were in when the yellow was displayed, as long as you were able to maintain your running position, or were in no way associated with the incident.

3.  If you are involved, spin, slowed or your progress is disrupted by the incident, you will be positioned where you rejoin or blend back into the field – NOTE: the incident must play itself out before the order is set.

4. Any discrepancies in line up will be determined by Race Control or may revert to last completed green lap.

5. The initial yellow on the race leader plus the next two (2) yellow laps in each caution period will count, after which the yellow laps do not count.

6. Should a car not maintain caution speed, stop or enter the pits during a yellow, it will lose its race position.

7. If a driver picks up positions after the yellow flag is displayed he may be penalized.

8. Officials reserve the right to utilize the yellow to check cars that are suspect and are being considered for a black flag (leaks, smoke, sparks, etc.). After they are checked, if okay – they keep their position.


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Red Flag:

1. Stop single file in a safe manner – if a car does not re-start on it’s own, it may be pushed started and maintain position.

2. NO WORK may be done on cars during red flag condition.

3. Positions will revert back to the previous completed green or completed yellow flag lap to set line up. Those deemed part of the occurrence that caused immediate red flag or cars that pit will be positioned at the rear of the field.


Five Lap Rule:

1. Single-file restarts for last five (5) laps, with lapped cars moved to rear of field positioned in running order.

2. Last five (5) laps must be racing laps; yellow flag laps will not be counted. No “Free Pass” within final ten laps.

3. Once the white flag has been displayed to the leaders, the next flag will be the checkered. If there is an incident, the yellow may be displayed – cautiously race to the finish, but be aware there is an on track incident. If the track is blocked, and the red is displayed; the finish will then be a green/white/checker.


Free Pass Award:

1. On any yellow flag up to the final 5 laps, the first car a lap down will be instructed to join the field at the back, and gain back 1 lap.  Any car causing a yellow will not be recipient of the “Free Pass Award”.

2. The “Free Pass” car needs to drop back to the rear of the field as soon as he is notified that he is the “Free Pass”.

3.  If the ‘Free Pass” car does not reach the rear of the field by the time the green flag is displayed to re-start the race, the “Free Pass” may be rescinded from that driver and he will remain one lap down.

4. No free pass in final ten laps.



1. Any contact between competitors will be determined by SRL Race Control if any penalty will be imposed.

2. Any competitor having contact with race leader, resulting in the leader spinning and or being eliminated from competition will be put to the back of the field. Race Control has the right to call over the radio to rescind this policy prior to an incident, if the leader is considered only by Race Control to be blocking, in which case the above Rule #1 under Contact will be in force.

3. Retaliation – minimum penalty: Black flag, $450 dollar fine – with a possible two-race suspension for the first offense.  Second offense, six race suspension.

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