The following information is to help you get through ‘opening weekend’ as smoothly as possible.  The SRL staff is there to help you have a good enjoyable race weekend; they are there to help and answer any questions.




  • Pit Gates will open at 1pm for the S2 Teams  ($210 per car for Friday practice/paid to track at back gate) No pit pass charge on Friday.
  • S2 Series Driver’s Meeting at 3pm
  • Practice will begin at 4pm, with 30 minute rotating sessions.  S2’s will share each 30-minute session with the Legends and the track’s local divisions.
  • Last session will be from 7pm to 7:30pm.


PARKING:  The SRL S2 Tour Series teams will be parked to the left of the main roadway in the pit area (up towards Turn 2).  1pm Gates.



  • Pit Gates will open at 11am – Member Pit Passes $40/Non-member $55 paid to track at back gate)
  • S2 Series Driver’s Meeting at 11:50am
  • Times and location for Tech Inspection will be posted on board at SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Trailer.
    • All SRL S2 Tour Series cars will be required to fill out an SRL S2 Tour Series Entry Form prior to each race event – $50 paid at SRL Trailer.


TRANSPONDERS:  Transponders are required on the car anytime it is on track Friday and Saturday.  Transponders are available at the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Trailer.



  • You may purchase five (5) tires at the first race.
  • It is your team’s responsibility to record the ‘bar code’ numeric number on each of your five (5) approved race tires and present the numbers to Pete Holko, the SRL Official in charge of tires.
  • You may only compete on a tire that has a recorded bar code number assigned to your car.
  • You may practice on any Hoosier 970 tire.
  • Hoosier Tire West will be at Madera (located adjacent to Back Straight) to service and sell the SRL S2 Tour Series tires.


LICENSE: All S2 drivers are required to have an SRL S2 Series 2013 license. On Friday, if you still need to purchase your 2013 SRL S2 License, you can do so at the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Trailer. Other S2 team members may purchase an SRL S2 license to take advantage of member pricing for pit passes at the back gate.  NOTE: Later in the day on Friday, the track will open registration to purchase Saturday pit passes.


FINAL NOTE:  The SRL welcomes the addition of the S2 teams to our racing program. We strive to build an environment that is second to none for the competitors of the series, to insure that each person who devotes his or her efforts to being part of the SRL enjoys the experience – we all share in that responsibility to build an enjoyable-positive environment.


The rules set to govern the SRL S2 Tour Series will be enforced in a fair and respectful manner, with the consideration for all competitors and the series as a whole.


Please note; it is ultimately the obligation of each participant to ensure that his/her conduct and equipment comply with all SRL S2 Tour Series rules and procedures.


The basis of the success of the SRL S2 Tour Series is to not allow any advancement, or evolution of the S2 racecar and its components.   Again, we all share in this responsibility.  If you would like to be part of a series that has more advanced components and cost, the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series is for you, but the S2 Series must maintain its integrity and cost effectiveness.


Thank you for being part of the 2013 SRL S2 Tour Series