Technical Inspection Process & Guidelines

Technical Inspection Process & Guidelines

Technical Inspection Process & Guidelines


Engine Inspection

  1. Engines and carburetors must be inspected and sealed before competition.
  2. The engine must be cold.  Engine inspection will take place prior to the first practice.
  3. If your engine requires an inspection, please contact the series prior to the next race.


PreTech (refers to any scheduled tech inspection prior to Qualifying Tech)

1. Teams must identify their crew chief for the purposes of discussion of any tech issues.

2. All cars must go through Pre‐Tech inspection before the designated cut off time at each event.


Qualifying Tech

1. All cars must go through Qualifying Tech in order of their qualifying pill draw.  If you miss your qualifying attempt by more than three positions, you will receive the slower of two laps. If you have a mechanical issue, notify an official.

2. Each team must have an air filter at the tech trailer 45 minutes before Qualifying Tech opens.

3. Once Qualifying Tech officially opens, all cars are required to be on the ground ready to roll to tech line.  Remain in your pit, until an official directs you into tech line.

4. Once cars enter the tech station, cars may not be lifted, tugged, or adjusted in any manner unless instructed to do so by an SRL official.

5. Remove the hood and air cleaner to enter tech, then replace hood after tread width is checked, before going onto scales. No jacks will be allowed after air cleaner is installed, or as directed.

6. Cars should not exceed 28lbs of air in right side and 22lbs in left side tires for tech inspection.

7. More than two attempts to pass through Qualifying Tech will result in “Tech Line Probation”.

8. Air pressure and tape are the only changes that can be made to the car after Qualifying Tech.


Tech Line Probation

1. Any team that has to make more than two attempts to pass through Qualifying Tech inspection will be put on “Tech Line Probation”, and will immediately be penalized by receiving the slower of two qualifying laps. You are required to take two green flag laps if you are under penalty, or you will receive no time.

2. More than three attempts to pass through pre-qualifying – no qualifying attempt will be allowed.

3. Once on “Tech Line Probation” a team must pass through tech inspection in one attempt at future events, or be penalized by receiving the slower of two qualifying laps.

4. The team will remain on “Tech Line Probation” until further notice.

5. A team may also be put on “Tech Line Probation” if their car exceeds the maximum sound limit on more than one occasion.

6. Repeat infractions of any tech specification or policy may also result in “Tech Line Probation”.


PostQualifying Impound

1. After qualifying, all cars will go to a designated impound area and remain untouched (tape and tire readings allowed) until 15 minutes prior to going to the grid or as directed. If a team qualifies in the top 5, they must report to their car immediately for post qualifying tech.

2. If a car has a mechanical issue, not related to set up or handling, the team may be granted permission to pull out of impound to work only on the mechanical issue described, and start at the rear of the field.

3. If anything safety related happens during qualifying officials reserve the right to let teams fix that item.

4. Driver must exit the car with whatever they need from the car (radios, water bottle, etc) and leave impound area and no crew members are allowed in impound until 15 minutes prior to going to the grid or as directed.

5. The only changes allowed are air pressure, tape on the nose and driver aids which will be done 15 minutes prior going to grid. No jacking of the car will be permitted.

6. If a team desires to make adjustments to their car prior to the green flag, they may do so by having the driver bring the car to pit road after the field is rolling behind the pace car. The car will forfeit its starting position and take up the tail end of the field.


PostRace Tech

1. The Top 5 cars must stop on the front‐stretch – unless otherwise directed. Cars will be held there until further direction from officials.  Each of the Top 5 cars are to proceed directly to post race tech inspection. Driver must stay with car at all times until cleared by officials to leave.

2. Failure to go directly to tech area will result in a penalty of 5 positions at posted finish and a $250.00 fine.

3. Under no circumstances is there anything to be done to the top five cars prior to post race tech inspection. Tire readings while car is on the ground is allowed, never jack the car up, remove the hood or anything else, unless directed by an SRL official.

4. Teams must take any and all measures to comply with officials’ requests. Failure to do so will be deemed as an admission of guilt and result in a technical disqualification.


(All aspects of these procedures are subject to adjustments or changes as deemed necessary by the SRL officials)