•    All restarts will be double file with the exception of the final 10 laps. Restarts within the last ten laps will be single file.
  • All cars one or more laps down restart behind lead lap cars.
    • When the double up sign or directive is given, the leader will choose to start inside or outside. Everyone else will double up, odd positions on the inside, even positions on the outside.
    • The leader of the race must accelerate to re-start the race within the designated re-start area.
    • The second place car must not beat the leader to the S/F line.
    • No passing allowed until S/F line – You may not pull out of line until the S/F line.


FUEL CELL BLADDER: The manufactures date on your fuel cell bladder must be within 7 years.  If your fuel cell is sealed by the SRL, and the recorded manufactures date is within (7) years, then we do not need to re-check the cell.  If there is no seal, or the date has expired, then the bladder will be checked at Vegas, preferably on Friday, before practice begins.


IMPORTANT – Please have two bolts drilled to accommodate a wire seal on your fuel cell “Fill Plate”, so an SRL Official can install an “SRL Wire Seal”.


PARKING: The Top 12 cars in the current championship standings will park in the first 12 parking spots.  This does not mean that the Top 12 enter the pits first – the order to enter the pits is first in line, first to enter.


ALL NEW CARS (First Time Cars for 2013) to the SERIES:

  • Once a first time car is unloaded, please get your car as high as you can on jack stands in your pit, tires off, helmet, gloves & HANS in car.
  • SRL Officials will come to your pit to conduct a ‘safety and under car inspection’, and an engine inspection if needed, beginning at 12:30pm.
  • If your engine needs to be inspected and sealed; park your car with the nose pointed outward behind your trailer.
  • Once the “In Pit“ inspections are completed for first time cars, the SRL Officials will open the “Tech Line” at the scales for all new cars to come through for inspection prior to the first practice session.
  • All new SPEARS Southwest Tour Series cars will be required a ‘safety and under car inspection’ and pass through tech line inspection prior to practicing on Friday.   


ROOKIE MEETING:  There will be a Rookie driver’s meeting following Saturday’s Driver’s Meeting #1 at 12:15pm.


TRANSPONDERS:  Transponders are required on the car anytime it is on track Friday and Saturday.  Transponders are available at the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Trailer.


QUALIFYING TIRES: Qualifying/Race Tires will be released at 2:00pm following Saturday’s SPEARS Southwest Tour Series practice session.


QUALIFYING TECH: The Series policy is that at the time Qualifying Tech officially opens (which is 3:30pm on Saturday at Las Vegas) all cars are required to be on the ground and ready to roll to tech – no more working on your car after 3:30pm unless you have an approved mechanical.  Please wait until you are directed to proceed in order to Qualifying Tech Line.  You will have two opportunities to pass tech, before you are under penalty of slowest of two laps in qualifying – more than three attempts, no time.


IMPOUND:  All SPEARS Southwest Tour Series cars will be impounded on pit lane after qualifying, you may check pressures, stagger (no jacks) and remove tape – please remove radios, water bottles, etc, or any item you may need from the car before leaving the impound area. Cars remain in impound until main event.


SCANNING REQUIRED:  It is mandatory that each spotter has a radio (or scanner) that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0625. It keeps your team better informed and speeds up the event.  The spotter’s location for the main event will be located on top of the main grandstand, under the press box – each team must have a spotter at this location.


SOUND:  If your team has been notified at either of the first two races that your car was loud, and your car is again loud at Las Vegas, one or all of the following will result; Your car will be parked immediately until fixed, a fine, and/or tech line probation will be issued.


If any team is notified at anytime that their car is loud, they are expected to fix the issue immediately, or face similar consequences.  FRUSTRATION only begins to describe how it is dealing with teams that choose not to get their car to the accepted level.


FUEL:  It is each team’s responsibility to have their own supply of “SUNOCO 110 Standard” at each race.



5111 Boulder Highway – Las Vegas, Nevada    89122-6004 – 877-593-5993
Room Rate:          $29.00 Thursday – $67.00 Friday – $67.00 Saturday
RV Park Rate:       $26.99 Thursday – $26.99 Friday – $26.99 Saturday

Group Name:        SPEARS SRL SW 0513
Group Code:         SPEE13A

Cutoff Date:          Monday April 29, 2013



“Thank you for your efforts in making the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series one of the best race series in America.”