UPDATES and REMINDERS: February 14, 2013

UPDATES and REMINDERS: February 14, 2013



The following is important information for our race teams for the upcoming season; please take the opportunity to read it thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions.



MADERA SCHEDULE:  Please see the attached (tentative) schedule for the March 15th and 16th “Melo’s Gas & Gear 151 presented by 51 Fifty Energy Drink”.



SPEARS FREQUENT FLYER REMINDER:  The standard start money for a SPEARS Southwest Tour Series main event is $450.  Once a team competes in two consecutive events in 2013, they will receive $600 in start money. After competing in three consecutive races, the start money will increase to $750.  At their fourth consecutive start of 2013, the team is guaranteed a minimum main event pay-out of $1,000, and will continue to receive $1,000 in start money for each consecutive race there after.

(Note:  If you raced the 2012 season finale – your start money is $600 at Madera)



  • All competing cars at the September 29th Pikes Peak International Raceway event must meet all the specifications of the 2013 SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Rule Book.
  • The current tentative schedule for the Pikes Peak International Raceway (September 27-28-29) event is a late Friday afternoon optional practice session (4pm to 6pm), a full day of tech and practice on Saturday (2.5 hours of practice), Sunday will feature an early morning warm up session, qualifying tech inspection, qualifying, and race start time around 2pm.  These times again are tentative.
  • The planned race distanced is 100 laps. (With a likely mid-way break)
  • We are working on the payout – should be posted in a couple of weeks.
  • As we move closer to the race date, the series will publish a list of recommendations for additional support of the car body.



TESTING: There will be no private testing allowed at both Rocky Mountain Raceway and Pikes Peak International Raceway, unless approved by the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Director.  Also, there is no additional private testing on the same day of a sanctioned SPEARS Southwest Tour Series ‘Practice Day’ on race weekends.



ENGINE TECH: All cars without an SRL engine and carburetor seal in place will be required to have an engine and carburetor inspection before competing. You may have your engine inspected Friday or Saturday before practice at your first race, first come first served. Engine needs to be cold.


LICENSE: Please get your license applications in before the first race weekend.


License Application attached.


Your ‘SPEARS Southwest Tour Series License’ hard card will not be mailed, but will be available to be picked up at the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Trailer at Madera.



DRIVER PROFILE: Please check your ‘Driver Profile’ on the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series website to be sure the information is up to date.



FUEL CELL BLADDER: The manufactures date (must be within 7 years) on your fuel cell bladder will be required to be checked at one of the first three races of 2013 (your choice – Madera, Stockton or Vegas).  If you do not compete at one of the first three, your bladder will be checked at your first appearance of 2013.


IMPORTANT – Please have two bolts drilled to accommodate a wire seal on your fuel cell “Fill Plate”, so an SRL Official can install an “SRL Wire Seal”, which will eliminate the need for your cell being checked in the future.



RULE BOOK UPDATES:  The following items have been updated in the 2013 SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Rule Book.

  • Page 3 – Item: 7
  • Page 4 – Item: 4 Glass/Mirrors
  • Page 37 – Item: 14
  • Page 38 – Item: Approve Tire Change

NOTE: Ultra Cool Fan Blades will be approved in 2013 – one per wheel.  (no carbon fiber)


SCANNING REQUIRED – It is mandatory that each spotter has a radio (or scanner) that will scan the SRL Race Control frequency at 460.0625. It keeps your team better informed and speeds up the event.



TRANSPONDERS: To update the records of the of our timing system, please let us know if you plan to use your own transponder, otherwise we will assume you will utilize a transponder from the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series trailer.



TIRES:  The plan for 2013 is to utilize the Hoosier 3025 on the left, and the 3045 on the right.  The tire for Kern County Raceway Park and Pikes Peak International Raceway has yet to be determined.



FUEL: It is each team’s responsibility to have your own supply of “SUNOCO 110 Standard” at each race. The host race tracks do not always have SUNOCO for sale.



SOUND LIMITS: The DB rule of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series is maximum 95dba at 100 feet at all tracks, unless the track requirements are under 95dba.  Please do your work in the shop.  (Note; it is extremely frustrating to deal with cars that are excessively loud, as it is a tremendous waste of time and energy for all who are involved and can put the host race tracks in a poor position within its community.)



SAFETY STANDARDS: Be sure all of your Safety Equipment (helmet, suit, belts, HANS, gloves, etc.) is up to date, and up to standards. (See Rule Book)



IGNITION SYSTEMS: All Ignition Boxes and wiring must be to the standards of the rulebook and out of reach of the driver. (See Rule Book)



CONTINGENCY DECAL PACKS: The 2013 Contingency Decal Packages will be handed out at the Friday practice day at Madera on March 15th.  Note: ALL Contingency Decals and Uniform Patches must be displayed in the proper location to be awarded any and all prize money or points for the event.



SPONSOR OR NAME ON UPPER QUARTER PANEL: The SPEARS Southwest Tour Series encourages teams to have something displayed on the upper quarter panels of their racecars.  This gives the series an appearance of professionalism.



TEAM UNIFORMS: The collective appearance of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series is an important element to the continued movement forward of the series, team uniforms (as simple as colored t-shirts and black jeans) are not mandatory, but highly encouraged for everyone associated with your race team.



NAME ON ROCKER PANEL: The driver’s last name is to be displayed on both sides along or just above the rocker panel below the car number in minimum 5” readable letters – per the SRL Rule Book.



SUPPORT THOSE WHO SUPPORT YOU:  Please make the effort to do business with those companies who have chosen to support SPEARS Southwest Tour Series teams by way of contingency, series and event sponsorships.  Please give them a return on their investment that they’ve made with you as a competitor of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.  Go to the series website to see the list of ‘Sponsors’. If nothing else, a simple thank you for their support goes a long way.




Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites
2290 Marketplace Dr.
Madera, CA  93637
$84 Room Rate
Ask for the special rate for the SRL Group Rate – includes Hot Breakfast Bar
Cutoff Date – March 1, 2013



FINALLY: The integrity of the ‘Rulebook’ is vital to the success of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.


All the rules listed in the 2013 SPEARS Southwest Tour Series Rule Book are in force and competing cars are expected to be in compliance with each rule in the book.


Among other items, the following will be checked at the first race that each car competes in 2013, so please be prepared:


  1. Engine Tech – Inspected and Sealed if needed.
  2. Frame Rail Offset – The centerline of the main frame side rails (o-t-o) must be within three (3) inches of the centerline of front and rear tread width.
  3. Axle Tubes – Minimum thickness.  (See rule book)
  4. Door Plates – Minimum thickness.  (See rule book)



If you have any questions, never hesitate to reach out to us.