Friday, August 18th – Gates 1pm, Crew Chief Meeting 2:30pm, Pre -Tech Inspection 2:15pm – 7:15pm, First Practice 4:15pm


Saturday, August 19th – Credentialed Teams Enter 10:00am, Credential Sales and Pit Gate11:00am, Driver’s Meeting 11:45am followed by a spotter’s meeting, Practice 1 – 2pm, Qualifying Tech opens at 3:15pm.



Friday Pit Pass: $30/SRL Members and $40 non-Members – No charge per car for Friday practice.


Saturday Pit Pass: $30/SRL Members and $40 non-Members


FRIDAY TECH: All cars are required to roll through the scales on Friday between 2:15pm and 7:15pm.


ENGINE TECH: If your engine or carb needs to be inspected and sealed, please respond to this email.


FUEL CELL BLADDER – DEADLINE: The manufactures date on all fuel cell bladders must be within 7 years of current date. All cars must be approved and recorded, show proof or checked and sealed by the August 19th Irwindale race.


IMPORTANT – Please have two bolts drilled to accommodate a wire seal on your fuel cell “Fill Plate”, so an SRL Official can install an “SRL Wire Seal”.


SCANNING REQUIRED: It is mandatory to scan race control (frequency 460.0125) during the race. We highly recommend that all spotters use a stand-alone unit designated for race control whether it be a second radio or a scanner. Each team must supply one spotter in designated area for communication with driver and SRL officials. Radios and spotters are mandatory whenever your car is on the track. We need to improve communication during the event, and get our line-ups in order much quicker.


TESTING NOTIFICATION: All SRL teams must notify the SRL office prior to any and all planned tests – no matter the event or track, and specify the car and driver participating in the test. Not doing so is a violation of the testing policy. If a team does test on the day prior to a scheduled SRL sanctioned Friday Practice Day, the team’s rig and equipment must be removed from the track’s pit area Thursday evening.


TIRES: 3025’s left side, 3045’s right side. Pre-order from Hoosier Tire West at 559-485-4612.


FUEL: SUNOCO 110 is the Spec Fuel of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series– Contact Irwindale Speedway Fuel Vender to reserve at 818-270-1039


SOUND LIMITS: The DB rule of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series is maximum 95dba at 100 feet at all tracks, unless the track requirements are under 95dba. Please do your work in the shop.



Courtyard by Marriott – 4 mi to Speedway  

14635 Baldwin Park Towne Center

Baldwin Park, CA 91706   

(626) 962-6000





Thank you for being part of the SPEARS Southwest Tour Series.